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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

tissue box

Yeah, it's been a while. :) Between one infection and another, still pretty weak, but I wanted to post the tissue box cover I beaded for Jo's wedding/shower gift. I thought Julie would like to see how it was made....

First, I trace the outline of the top (and the hole) on a piece of buckrum. Didn't actually take a picture of that step, but fairly easy to do. :) I start by beading the lines with a larger size bead- think I did an 8 here. Then just fill in the rest! Note: you must be careful NOT to bead across the hole in the middle... or you cut the tread when cutting the hole out!

After I finish beading, I coat the back of the piece with craft glue, careful to get everything. This is so I won't have too large of a disaster if I snip a thread when I trim the buckrum as close as possible to the beading. (I did have some loose beads on a corner, I double stitch the outside row, so I just had to tighten it up some after trimming.)

To finish, I add fringe on the outside and a picot to the interior hole, to cover any buckrum that wasn't able to be trimmed closely enough.

The row of flowers was my fave.

Easy, right? :) Just a couple hundred hours of beading! ha!

Have a good week!