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Saturday, February 11, 2012

boys birthday

A few weeks ago I found a video game stack of DCWV cardstock on clearance at the big Joanns.  I was super happy cuz I knew I could use it for my brothers' birthday cards.  (they are both in feb)

I also used my Epiphany Crafts Studio Shape Round Tool with another sheet of cs from the stack.  I printed off the sentiment.

Have a great day,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

scarf and V-day cards

Jodi gave me a fab book on felting, and I had to try out the technique of putting round wood beads tightly in the fabric before felting, holding them in place with mini rubber bands.  I had a feeling I wouldn't actually enjoy a felted scarf tho, so I warned Julie I was pry making a scarf for HER as opposed to me.  She did put it on promptly when I gave it to her, so I hope she likes it.  I didn't have enough of one color to do the scarf quite as long as the pattern called for, or enough to do the flowers in the same color.  I would like to do a cream one with just bubbles all over the ends.. but I have to decide if anyone I know would want it first.  :)

Here is my v-day card.  I love the typewriter stamp/die set from My Favorite Things, but I really have trouble getting the typewriter to stamp cleanly.  I have found I need to re-ink the ink pad, then stamp on a foam pad, and stand up to press really really hard to get a good impression.  Not sure if this is normal for the stamp, but it is the only way that works for me. 

I had a small problem with this card, and wanted to give a tip in case you do the same thing.  I always score my cards on my Scor-Pal , and there is a small arrow on the 4.25 inch mark.  However, there is a nice star a few notches over, and the star is much more obvious to me, so I sometimes score there by mistake.  I have in the past gotten frustrated and thrown the paper away in anger, but I learned to just pretend I wanted a scored background instead.  On this card I did random scor lines in both directions to cover that up.  I think the stamped hearts look cooler with the scor lines.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mom's Birthday

Well, Dad outdid himself this year and asked for a card for Mom two days before her birthday, not the day of.  :)   I liked the card I made him so much I decided to use the same theme for my V-day cards.

Here are the socks I knit for Mom.  Very carefully worked on them when  she was NOT home.  :)  She wanted a basic like black, and I got... sparkly black!

Have a good week,