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Saturday, September 26, 2009

catching up

is hard to do. Or is that making up?

I could list the excuses for why I haven't posted, but why should I bore you?

The first item I just made today. I am sure it is some form of copywrite violation and I will be sued, expecially since with my vast readership there is sure to be an employee of the company reading this. :)
My nephew wants to be an UPS man for halloween. I managed to buy him a hat off of ebay, but could not find any patches. (Heard that they don't pass them around any more cuz of security concerns.) Thus I had to make one. Here is my version-
I printed off a picture of one, traced it onto buckrum, then embroidered it with yarn. I had probs with the yarn, so I just filled the brown in with marker. (think I may have messed up the brush end of it, sigh.)

Now some older stuff. This pair of socks I made for my Goddaughter Tessa. I may have posted the first pair earlier, the lace stretched out too much and ended up fitting Hailey... this pair was more restrained. Julie asked me for some convertable mittens. You can fold the top back and hook it to the button and have free fingers. The pattern had an open thumb also, but I thought that was unrealistic for Minnesota.
Close up of the cool buttons I bought.
This is Senj's second pair of knee-high socks. I thought the first didn't fit right, so I adjusted the pattern. These go up higher, luckily, since she grows a foot a month.
I started an apple hat obsession when I made this one for Senj. It is a ONE year old size, and way too short for her. I think if I make it with about an inch and a half of ribbing, it will fit better. The next will be a green apple tho. When Julie saw it, she loved it, so I made one for Ethie (he wanted to be an apple for Halloween!) and a green apple for Greggie. Will post pics when I see them next.
Close up of the stem and leaves.
Jodi asked for a bathroom sign-out book for her classroom. I did one on my Bind-It-all, and thought it came out pretty cool. Also had a picture of an outhouse (J's request) and I put a toilet on one side too.

That should catch me up.

Have a great weekend!

Love you,


Monday, September 7, 2009

funky socks

I finished this pair of socks for my brother, finally. He has been asking for a while, but there were a few people ahead of him, and I did have that dalliance with crochet... :)

Most of the socks I make are with Knit Picks Essential Sock Yarn. This is because it is nice quality and pretty much the cheapest sock yarn I have found that is washable. Usually the Multis knit up in splotches, like on Elise's socks shown in my January 11th post.

click here to see socks

However, the pair I am working on for Olli are quite... different. He picked the yarn, a varied blue with a bit of purple.

When I started knitting, 64 stitches on size 2 needles, it made a really cool vertical stripe pattern instead of the splotches. I really like it, there is a wide purple stripe and a wide light blue stripe, separated by dark blue. I was a bit nervous cuz it came out much more PURPLE than I expected from the ball, but I planned to put the purple stripe in the back. I didn't. Just wasn't thinking, lol.
I still think they are pretty cool.

Here is a picture of the light stripe. (The purple came out too dark to see well- the problems of sun allergies- low lighting!)
This is the finished sock. The funky stripes started again after I got to the straight part of the foot, which was fairly short.

One more picture.
When I started the second sock, I was surprised it did not stripe quite the same. The stripes are a bit more diagonal. Strange, hey? It is from another ball of yarn tho... the first took 23 grams, and I didn't want to run out. I will use the leftover small skeins for baby socks.
Should be fun to see how they turn out. I am about 25 rows in on the cuff.
Tomorrow I start hand therapy, so I should be able to crochet soon!

Almost forgot- here are Senja's knee highs. I think the next pair will be a bit taller. The feet fit a bit strange, but she is only three months old and her feet are pretty chubby. :)

Have a great week,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

book of the month

Hey Everyone,

I have been pretty sick for the last week, so I haven't been online as much. I do have a really cool project to post as soon as I give it to the person I made if for tho! :)

Book of the Month:

Autism's False Prophets-
Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and The Search For a Cure
by Paul A Offit, M.D.

I got this book after watching a show on autism on tv. It is really interesting- it tells how the media and random people who happen to have a dog in the fight can turn the opinions of the majority of Americans.
If I asked you if there had been found a cause for autism, would you say mercury? Or vaccinations?
Both are WRONG. So far all they know is that it is genetic and starts fairly early in the pregnancy. Mercury and vaccinations have NO effect on autism rates. Yep, people have sued and gotten big money claiming it, but it has been proven not true. Many times over. Does the public ever hear about those studies? Nope, we get Jenny McCarthy and RFK junior writing books and articles where the most basic statistics are false inflaming us into skipping vaccinations, leading to preventable deaths. Sigh.
And poor (not monetarily necessarily!) parents spending thousands on wacky "treatments" that can end up killing the child.

This book is very interesting, thought provoking and sticks to SCIENCE.

Have a great weekend,