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Saturday, September 26, 2009

catching up

is hard to do. Or is that making up?

I could list the excuses for why I haven't posted, but why should I bore you?

The first item I just made today. I am sure it is some form of copywrite violation and I will be sued, expecially since with my vast readership there is sure to be an employee of the company reading this. :)
My nephew wants to be an UPS man for halloween. I managed to buy him a hat off of ebay, but could not find any patches. (Heard that they don't pass them around any more cuz of security concerns.) Thus I had to make one. Here is my version-
I printed off a picture of one, traced it onto buckrum, then embroidered it with yarn. I had probs with the yarn, so I just filled the brown in with marker. (think I may have messed up the brush end of it, sigh.)

Now some older stuff. This pair of socks I made for my Goddaughter Tessa. I may have posted the first pair earlier, the lace stretched out too much and ended up fitting Hailey... this pair was more restrained. Julie asked me for some convertable mittens. You can fold the top back and hook it to the button and have free fingers. The pattern had an open thumb also, but I thought that was unrealistic for Minnesota.
Close up of the cool buttons I bought.
This is Senj's second pair of knee-high socks. I thought the first didn't fit right, so I adjusted the pattern. These go up higher, luckily, since she grows a foot a month.
I started an apple hat obsession when I made this one for Senj. It is a ONE year old size, and way too short for her. I think if I make it with about an inch and a half of ribbing, it will fit better. The next will be a green apple tho. When Julie saw it, she loved it, so I made one for Ethie (he wanted to be an apple for Halloween!) and a green apple for Greggie. Will post pics when I see them next.
Close up of the stem and leaves.
Jodi asked for a bathroom sign-out book for her classroom. I did one on my Bind-It-all, and thought it came out pretty cool. Also had a picture of an outhouse (J's request) and I put a toilet on one side too.

That should catch me up.

Have a great weekend!

Love you,



  1. Awesome! Anne, the UPS patch is so cool. I thought you bought it until I read further. Love all the projects- impressed as usual. :)

  2. I was like who is that beautiful babe? Oh yeah, mine. hahahahaha. The UPS is great in photo and person. O will rock in his flannel duds from Gma with the patch and hat from Annama.

  3. The outhouse sign out book is very handy. I like that the cover is laminated so I can wipe it down with a Lysol wipe every now and then.

  4. I saw the boys apple hats and just love them! So, do you have a lawyer in mind yet?

  5. you are a genius, you copyright violator, you! ;)