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Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Chance to Win!

Another amazing Giveaway!

Lilsweetpea's Place is giving away a huge box of goodies!

Here are a few things I made recently.

This hat was for Tuna, who wanted a hat "with the number S" on it.  I added the felt flower top to keep from being too bored.  :)

This one reminded me of my brother Doug so I wrapped it and gave it from a secret admirer, like everyone wouldn't know I am the only one who knits.

This is the ornament I made as a gift for Jodi.  She lives in a town with these school colors...  HA!

Hope your holidays went well!
Still worn  out over here...  :)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

great giveaway!

Usually I don't enter for giveaways if I have to post about them, being mostly too tired to post, but this one is amazing!!
Melissa at Creating From The Heart  is giving away a huge prize!  And she makes super cute cards.  :)

Merry Almost Christmas!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catching Up!

It is funny, but I can handle the five incurable diseases just fine, yet if one more thing goes wrong it does me in, mentally speaking.  I realized I have an Incisional Hernia a few weeks ago, and it is almost too much for my brain.  Now I am yet again facing surgery, but I happen to have a cousin who sells hernia surgery supplies and he hooked me up with the best doctor, so it should go well.  I just don't have the mental energy to do things like update the blog!  :)

I also realized I don't have pictures of many of the gifts I made.  Hopefully I will take them AFTER they are opened, since I wrapped all my gifts on Black Friday.

I did get my cards out a few days past Thanksgiving tho!  Here it is... the top of the stocking is fluffy, I used flocking.  Flocking is super easy to apply if you run the cardstock piece through a xyron first! 

I also have spent a lot of time making felt flower garlands.  I am on my FOURTH one.  Two for my mother, and two for sisters who needed one after seeing the first.  :)  I have four Bigz Sizzix dies that cut the felt easily, and I just used brads to put them on the ribbon.  I bought five colors of the felt and used them kinda randomly, except there is more red and dark red than the other colors.

These wrist warmers were made for my sister-in-law Julie.  Her hands and arms are often cold, so they go way up the arm.  I picked a cable pattern cuz she likes cables.  Simply Soft yarn, of course.

Hope you are ready for the holidays!

Have a great week,