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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

birthday stuff

A few months ago I got a bag making kit, to make gift bags. I tried it out and realized that regular wrapping paper is too cheap and rips too easily, so I ordered some from Current, since theirs is so much thicker. Sadly today I realized I didn't purchase any BOY type paper, so Ben's gift is in... this bag.
Here is Ben's birthday card. All SU! The picture is too dark, but trees are stamped across the bottom of the background....

And the inside...
This card is pretty cool, it is a gift card holder.
See, here is the gift card! I decided I don't like the card design, when you open it the gift card flops forward and you can't see what it says....
Have a great week!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

cheating? I think so!

HSN.com is having a birthday celebration where you can win gift cards. I would love a gift card, especially since Martha Stewart is coming to them soon, so I play every day.

Now, I purchase occasionally from HSN (mostly crafts), and I am an HSN cardholder (they had free shipping on craft items in March for cardholders). Mother, however is/does neither of those. Every day I log in first with my email, then with Mom's, and play the instant win game. In the past few weeks, I have won... maybe six or seven special offers, such as free shipping (pry will use when the afore mentioned MS comes) and "$20 off of $100" (pry won't use, never have purchased anything that expensive) and various percents off of purchases. Mom has won... NEVER.

What are the odds that this is truly a random game? Not too great in my opinion. The consumer who purchases and has a card- 7 wins out of two weeks. The non-consumer- ZERO. Yep, sounds like it is rigged to me!

They must not be trying to gain NEW customers, huh?

Still wish I could win a big gift card tho... sigh.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

boycott the swiss!

I am officially boycotting swiss cheese, swiss chocolate, swiss banks and all things swiss. (I don't think I actually buy anything swiss, but it is the thought that counts, right?)

Why you ask? Because the Swiss seem to feel no need to follow the extradition rules. They have refused to extradite the pedophile that fled the US decades ago to avoid his jail time. Apparently they don't mind pedophiles in Switzerland- don't visit with your kids!

What is the point of extradition treaties if the countries decide when/if they want to follow them?

As for the pedophile himself, I have boycotted all his movies and productions since I learned the story many years ago. He is such an ugly rat-like man, he just ewws me out, even before I learned he was a pedophile who fled the USA to avoid justice.

Boycott the Swiss!

Have a good week, except for you, Roman and the Swiss!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Proud To Be An American...

where at least I know I'm free...

Yep, the old Neil Diamond song is going through my head today after reading "Shakedown" by Ezra Levant.

You may remember I mentioned previously how in Canada you can be punished for your thoughts. Ezra is the one who actually fought back against the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission. (Yep, put it in quotes for a reason. ) These commissions exist in all the Canadian provinces, and they consist of people with extreme views ignoring all laws and legal procedures to punish people for their thoughts. Yep, thoughts. Ezra was interrogated about his THOUGHTS. Luckily he got enough publicity and money to fight back.

These commissions have made such decisions as to demand McDonald's hire back a woman. (and pay her large fines.) A woman who was on disability off and on for two years because she got a rash from washing her hands. A woman who felt she still "deserved" to work at McDonald's without following government regulations on cleanliness and food handling. A woman who could have easily passed on germs, or worse, to thousands of people. McDonald's worked with her for over two years, including much of that paying her disability, before she lost her job. Do you want her hired at your favorite dinner spot?

Basically, anyone in Canada can decide anything hurt their (or someone else's) feelings and sue. They do NOT have to pay lawyers or anything else, the Commissions take care of it all. Of course the target of the suit has to pay their own lawyers fees. For many YEARS while the commission decides. The same commission that stole a woman's internet access and posted vile racist rants on white supremacists' (among other) websites. The same commissions that hired anyone, with any background, to "try" the cases.

Sounds fun, huh?

That's why I am proud to be an American, where I can have any opinion I want and state it proudly. And so can everyone else.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

more "guys"

Naturally when the rest of the niblings saw O's guys, they all wanted some. I am alternating days between working on Mom's Christmas cards and crocheting, so my sore hands get a break.

This is a Ninja for Hails. The picture is a bit blurry.
Tatie wanted the skeleton couple. I did switch up the man's base, to make them match better. He is wearing a top hat and black vest. The woman has a tulle veil. I like these ones.
Love you,

card class

Here are the cards from this months card class.
First was a double heart wedding card. The metallic mat is actually silver, not sure why it photographed more gold. The shiny silver made it really elegant, matching the silver metallic ink on the hearts. I pictured it as "two hearts becoming one" but Loy stamped hearts all over the cardstock, ending up with about six hearts. That is the fun, seeing what others do with the pieces I provide!

Next was an embossed wedding cake, also matted in SILVER. I did the embossing ahead of time so it was easier for the card makers.
This was a cute baby card. The dragon fly has liquid glass on the wings, a really neat effect. The stamp set is "Bugs and Kisses", which is one of the first I purchased and still love.
This card I pre-stamped so the ladies could just use blender pens and chalks to color it in. The bow was a Martha Stewart clearance item. She is coming to HSN soon- watch the days Special Values for hers soon!
I also pre-embossed the baby carriage for this card. Some of the club members still have trouble with the edge punch, but I liked the way the yellow patterned paper shows off the loopy edge.
I am working on Christmas cards now, lol. But I have a great idea for a gift card holder for next card club... since it will be less than a month from my birthday!
Have a great week,

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I'm finally in the mood to knit or crochet, and I don't really have anything to work on. Olli asked me several times to make him some of the little guys from the scary people book, so I finally did. I figure if he asks more than once, he must be serious. And he does love them!

Here is the devil and the knight. Olli LOVES the devil, and now wants one in every color. The tail is pretty cool I think.

Here is a Spartan.

Senja adored the guys, so I made her an amazon. Note the lack of safety eyes- not for babies! Only yarn eyes. :)
One day when I was babysitting Olli he wanted to make a paperdoll football team. (hopefully he is more careful putting on his own pants!)

Olli insisted that I make a football guy too. Luckily I convinced him that I could do mine in different colors. He was a bit traumatized by mine. Then he decided if I let him take it home, he would make his dad play with this one. :)

Tomorrow night is Card Class. I will try to take pics of the cards.

Have a great weekend,