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Thursday, July 15, 2010

cheating? I think so!

HSN.com is having a birthday celebration where you can win gift cards. I would love a gift card, especially since Martha Stewart is coming to them soon, so I play every day.

Now, I purchase occasionally from HSN (mostly crafts), and I am an HSN cardholder (they had free shipping on craft items in March for cardholders). Mother, however is/does neither of those. Every day I log in first with my email, then with Mom's, and play the instant win game. In the past few weeks, I have won... maybe six or seven special offers, such as free shipping (pry will use when the afore mentioned MS comes) and "$20 off of $100" (pry won't use, never have purchased anything that expensive) and various percents off of purchases. Mom has won... NEVER.

What are the odds that this is truly a random game? Not too great in my opinion. The consumer who purchases and has a card- 7 wins out of two weeks. The non-consumer- ZERO. Yep, sounds like it is rigged to me!

They must not be trying to gain NEW customers, huh?

Still wish I could win a big gift card tho... sigh.

Have a great day,

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