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Sunday, May 23, 2010


John Stossel has a show on Fox News channel that is sometimes pretty interesting. He is a libertarian (and on Fox! HA!) and has some good ideas. I watch if I am flipping by and the topic intrigues me.

Last night I learned something interesting about Canada. Now, I am sure most Americans think they know all about Canada, eh? It is our friendly neighbor to the north, pretty much just like us except everyone has a Yooper accent, they have more moose, and they have national health care so those who can afford it come here for procedures. Right? Nope.

I decided to share what I learned because I have several family members who love Canada, and several others who are already planning a trip there (not that any of them actually read my blog).

In Canada, they do not believe in the right to free speech. If you say something that MIGHT possibly hurt someones feelings, you could go to jail. Stossel had a man on his show who publishes a newspaper and was prosecuted under this law. Do you remember when the Belgium (or somewhere close) newspaper printed editorial cartoons of Muhammad? And the Muslims rioted and many people were killed in several countries? It was a huge news story but no one dared print the actual cartoons. Well, this guy did. And spent one hundred thousand dollars defending himself. IT WAS NEWS!!! The Canadian government had fifteen people spend over 900 hours looking into this. Can you believe it?

So, if you ever decide to visit Canada, do NOT tell any jokes, comment on any ones appearance or, horrors, complain about anything. You could go to jail.

Don't call me for bail money, I warned ya!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have been a bit obsessed with petrified wood for a few months, after I saw one of the tv shopping shows selling some jewelry made with it. I finally found some beads I could afford last week, and had to make jewelry with it right away. It is not quite what I expected, but very pretty. Looks shiny and hard like a gemstone, but is much lighter!

I also love tigers eye and citrine so I decided to mix it with the wood. The citrine chips aren't as pretty as actual rounds, but still nice in person.

First, of course, I made a dangle bracelet combining the three.

Then a cool drop earring. I saw one like this online, so I wanted to try it.

This is a chandelier using some findings I had. I left the citrine out. I am not sure if I like them, it seems like the wood beads are too large. The other rounds are tigers eye.

These were made with some beads Mom brought home from Gulf Shores. I am not sure what they are, but the cream ones feel like some kind of bone.

I made these with lapis and turquoise chips.

Have a great week,

get well/ football card

My Godson Zakk broke his leg playing football this week. He is the quarterback and got the pass off then got nailed. This is the card I made to send to him.

It says "I hope you feel better soon!" on the inside. I didn't want to send one of the sick penguin cards or usual get well cuz you can't really heal quickly from a broken let!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

grad cards

Here are the grad cards I promised to post. I used the new grad set from SU! and some card tops I had already made using the "Sheetload of cards" designs.

This is the reason I bought the stamp set! The grad cap is the envelope top.

Jodi might give these to her fifth-year seniors!

Have a great week,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Senja's card

This is the card I made for Senja's first birthday. I used a card base I had already put together, but then I sprayed it with the new SU! Smooch gold glitter spray. It is really nicely glittered! The fairy image is from the new fairy set by SU! and I colored it with chalks. The two gems cover up places where I accidentally smudged. :) The chalks are sparkly themselves, so it is a super glittery girly card!

I will try to post my new graduation "snarky" cards tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

really good book

This week I read:

Country Driving: A Journey Through China From Farm to Factory
by Peter Hessler

I found it in the "new books" section of the St. Cloud lib (love that section!) and really really liked it. It details life as an American journalist in China, covers many years, and you get to know the people, culture and land. If you ever want to visit or do business in China, you pry should read this book. :) I love the explanations of rural vs. city people too. Also, the details about the factories- instead of just hearing about low wages and cheap products, the book lets you get to know both owners and employees.

The book also includes some questions from the Chinese driving licence test. Here are some of the actual questions:

352. If another motorist stops you to ask directions, you should

a) not tell him.
b) reply patiently and accurately.
c) tell him the wrong way.

True/False. In a taxi, it's fine to carry a small amount of explosive material.

117. When approaching a marked pedestrian crossing, you should

a) slow down and stop if there are pedestrians.
b) accelerate in order to catch up to with the car directly in front of you, and then cross closely behind him.
c) drive straight through, because pedestrians should give vehicles the right of way.

212. Before driving, a person can

a) drink a little alcohol.
b) not drink alcohol.
c) drink beer but not other types of alcohol.

and, my fave:

356. If you give someone a ride and realize that they left something in your car, you should

a) keep it for yourself.
b) return it to the person or his place of work as quickly as possible.
c) call him and offer to return it for a reward.

The best part is that, in China, all answers are likely to happen.

Have a great week,

Friday, May 7, 2010


For the past few weeks I have noticed my fingernails are splitting
and peeling like crazy. Now, they are never long, but they usually
just break off at the edges. The peeling is going way down the
nails. I thought about what has changed, and the only thing I could
think of was that I went off one of my meds. It is an arthritis med...
do you think it is somehow a bone builder?

I googled and found it can CAUSE brittle nails. LOL, I have been on
it for like 20 years and just stopped. Now I get the peeling nails.

Maybe it is from something else, but haven't really made any other
changes. I am going to whip up an essential oil mix to rub on my nails
and cuticles every night. Perhaps it will help.

If you have any tips for peeling fingernails, please do share!

Happy Weekend,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I hate the library. Okay, I love it, but they have one policy that makes NO SENSE at all.

A long time ago, I requested the "living Oprah" book. The list was long, so I forgot about it. Then last week I started wondering if I actually read it or not, so I ordered it again. It came, and I started reading it, trying to figure out if I had read it or not. Turns out I hadn't. What happened? Why did I never get it? Turns out the lib has a policy- if you request a book and don't get it in a year, they take you off the list. SO you could be waiting for a year, cut off, and someone who just asked gets the book. AND they don't warn you that they cut you off. How stupid is that??? If I sign up for a book and there are 50 people ahead of me, I know it is going to be a LOOOOONG wait. But why cut me off and not tell me? Then I never get to read the book..... and most likely won't remember I wanted it. Now I am paranoid what other popular books I missed out on... sigh.

Anyways, the book is okay but doesn't have as much DETAIL as I would like. I would love to read the blog, but you can't put it in order by day, you have to read it with the most recent at the top and I can't do it that way. Sigh. Still interesting tho.

Went dentist yesterday and all is good. The Norwex toothbrush I have been using since Christmas did not seem to have made a difference. My gum numbers are all the same... and no cavities as usual!

Then I got a hair cut. I THOUGHT I was going to Great Clips, but it turns out they are just in the Walmart strip mall, not inside Walmart. Inside Walmart is actually Smart Style (or something close to that). The stylist corrected me. Kinda embarrassing to think you are in a different store. Lucky the haircut only cost 15.50. She already was working on me when I found out it wasn't Great Clips! HA!

Not quite as crippled this time after Julie worked on me yesterday. Some improvements over the first time too, so maybe someday I will be "moving normally" and not "a brick". hehehehe

have a great week,