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Friday, May 7, 2010


For the past few weeks I have noticed my fingernails are splitting
and peeling like crazy. Now, they are never long, but they usually
just break off at the edges. The peeling is going way down the
nails. I thought about what has changed, and the only thing I could
think of was that I went off one of my meds. It is an arthritis med...
do you think it is somehow a bone builder?

I googled and found it can CAUSE brittle nails. LOL, I have been on
it for like 20 years and just stopped. Now I get the peeling nails.

Maybe it is from something else, but haven't really made any other
changes. I am going to whip up an essential oil mix to rub on my nails
and cuticles every night. Perhaps it will help.

If you have any tips for peeling fingernails, please do share!

Happy Weekend,

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