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Thursday, May 13, 2010

really good book

This week I read:

Country Driving: A Journey Through China From Farm to Factory
by Peter Hessler

I found it in the "new books" section of the St. Cloud lib (love that section!) and really really liked it. It details life as an American journalist in China, covers many years, and you get to know the people, culture and land. If you ever want to visit or do business in China, you pry should read this book. :) I love the explanations of rural vs. city people too. Also, the details about the factories- instead of just hearing about low wages and cheap products, the book lets you get to know both owners and employees.

The book also includes some questions from the Chinese driving licence test. Here are some of the actual questions:

352. If another motorist stops you to ask directions, you should

a) not tell him.
b) reply patiently and accurately.
c) tell him the wrong way.

True/False. In a taxi, it's fine to carry a small amount of explosive material.

117. When approaching a marked pedestrian crossing, you should

a) slow down and stop if there are pedestrians.
b) accelerate in order to catch up to with the car directly in front of you, and then cross closely behind him.
c) drive straight through, because pedestrians should give vehicles the right of way.

212. Before driving, a person can

a) drink a little alcohol.
b) not drink alcohol.
c) drink beer but not other types of alcohol.

and, my fave:

356. If you give someone a ride and realize that they left something in your car, you should

a) keep it for yourself.
b) return it to the person or his place of work as quickly as possible.
c) call him and offer to return it for a reward.

The best part is that, in China, all answers are likely to happen.

Have a great week,

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