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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I hate the library. Okay, I love it, but they have one policy that makes NO SENSE at all.

A long time ago, I requested the "living Oprah" book. The list was long, so I forgot about it. Then last week I started wondering if I actually read it or not, so I ordered it again. It came, and I started reading it, trying to figure out if I had read it or not. Turns out I hadn't. What happened? Why did I never get it? Turns out the lib has a policy- if you request a book and don't get it in a year, they take you off the list. SO you could be waiting for a year, cut off, and someone who just asked gets the book. AND they don't warn you that they cut you off. How stupid is that??? If I sign up for a book and there are 50 people ahead of me, I know it is going to be a LOOOOONG wait. But why cut me off and not tell me? Then I never get to read the book..... and most likely won't remember I wanted it. Now I am paranoid what other popular books I missed out on... sigh.

Anyways, the book is okay but doesn't have as much DETAIL as I would like. I would love to read the blog, but you can't put it in order by day, you have to read it with the most recent at the top and I can't do it that way. Sigh. Still interesting tho.

Went dentist yesterday and all is good. The Norwex toothbrush I have been using since Christmas did not seem to have made a difference. My gum numbers are all the same... and no cavities as usual!

Then I got a hair cut. I THOUGHT I was going to Great Clips, but it turns out they are just in the Walmart strip mall, not inside Walmart. Inside Walmart is actually Smart Style (or something close to that). The stylist corrected me. Kinda embarrassing to think you are in a different store. Lucky the haircut only cost 15.50. She already was working on me when I found out it wasn't Great Clips! HA!

Not quite as crippled this time after Julie worked on me yesterday. Some improvements over the first time too, so maybe someday I will be "moving normally" and not "a brick". hehehehe

have a great week,


  1. Weird about the library. We use the same one and I never knew.

  2. I never knew that! I get annoyed because I think they should keep a running list of things you have checked out so you could check and see if you had read a certain book all ready. For all of us avid readers, I usually have 1-2 books in my stack that I have read in the last little while but didn't recognize til after.