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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last night Hailey spent the night. She helped me clean my room. If you ever need help organizing, Hailey is your girl! She loves to dig in people's things, lol. She also loves to wash my breathing machine parts....
We watched "Parent Trap". Hailey hates when I make snotty comments, but she puts up with it. I just point out inconsistencies and faults in the characters. :)

Today Manda came by and watched "Pink Panther" with her. I refused. I hate farces like that....

I made cotton candy, so they are sugared out. Tho I am pretty sure they are eating jelly beans right now....

OTN... Geggie's last birthday sock. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

meds and quarters

Happy Tuesday!

Ethan came over this morning and did the Wal-mite drug run with us. Couldn't get two of them- Ruth told me there was 12, but I only had 10 when I got home. Don't blame her tho, she has the loop too! HA! One the pharm accidentally deleted and then found when I called to see why I didn't get it, the other the new insurance needs prior authorization for. Then my fam doctor called me to say another one they gave me for the month but they need authorization for any more. He wanted to know what I tried before settling on it.... I said I have been on it for ten years, I have no idea! So we shall see if the new insurance will let me take them!

State Quarters-
Mom still needs Maine, Alaska, Arizona, Kansas and Florida if anyone has them!

Julie is spying on me. Hmmm.... reading the posts before I post!

Have a great day,

Monday, January 26, 2009


So today was my first annual Reclast injection. It was done at the Cancer Center at the Central Health Plaza, tho I found out it is billed from the hospital, so I pry will have to do the financial aid papers for them too....

I checked in at the cancer center first, and then went to the lab because you need certain blood tests first, and my doctor ordered extra for me. Then you have an appt an hour later at the "chemo/infusion center". (Mom and Dad dropped me off and went shopping.) When I was checking in, they gave me the little plastic bracelet with my name on it. (Olli would either be horrified or thrilled... depending on how he feels today....) The lady told me I had to wear one every time I came for an infusion, but not to worry, they would give me a new one next time. Lucky, since I don't have to go back for a YEAR! HA!

After the blood draw, I went down to the other desk and checked in. Then I sat and read a book Ryan Y. lent me. Pretty good, esp considering it is written for 12 year olds! :) Saved my life today, cuz I am OUT of library books!

Anyways, they got my labs back and called me early. Your "room" has two actual walls, then a curtain separating you from the next room, and one on the hall side also. The nurse was really nice, she had to do warm towels to get my veins, but she was cheerful the whole time. Lucky, cuz she said they have a policy, with some big name, that means the patients are supposed to complain while they are there and NOT send angry letters after. (Yeah, she said "angry letters" and I laughed cuz I love sending angry letters!) The first IV try blew the vein.

The second worked, and I got a bunch of saline first.

While it was going, she gave me the fact sheets on Reclast. Basically the side effects can include "flu-like symptoms for a week", and a bunch of other stuff I already have. The best part was that my doctor told me to drink extra. The form said it too. But it also said, in bold capitals, "IMPORTANT: DO NOT DRINK TO MUCH WATER." The nurse could NOT answer how much too much was however. Sigh. HA!

The nurse had to ask me a million questions, like, am I safe at home? And other health questions that I had to say "yes" to, confusing her. "Do you ever fall?" "well, off the stool in my beadroom last week. and off my bed a few times. How recently do you want?" hehehhee
She had to put disclaimers on half the questions!

"Do you worry about your finances?" "Yeah, I put in the aid form, but I think I have to do another on cuz you are technically the hospital." "ummm...."

"Do you have any eye issues besides glasses?" "Yeah, I have cataracts."

"What is your pain right now from 1 to 10?" "A six." "What hurts?" "Everything."
"Do your pain pills help?" "Well, I don't notice a difference, but the fam says I am less crabby when I take them."

After I finally got the drug, and was getting more saline, just as I noticed the IV stand puter said "less than 1 minute left" a little old lady volunteer came to see if I needed any help. I told her I was almost done and she chattered about how she was there for anything I might need, it was her job to help. I did NOT tell her that the saline really made me have to pee....

When the IV was finally out and I was free to go, I pulled back the curtain and emerged- only to run into mother! It was noon, and she thought I had died back there and had come to find me. (She claims to have called, but I had no missed calls and had been texting with Carm so my phone was working.) I laughed. Now we know how long it takes. She had warned El to keep an eye out for an ambulances cuz they pry had me in them while she went to look. Like I would die from getting an IV!

Then I got to go shopping!! Spent my Michael's card from Sheri, got a really cool card magazine/book cuz I need to make cards. No one comes over to scrap anymore, so I don't hang out in the beadroom! And mom steals them all. So I am way low.
I was kinda dizzy and week by the time we hit crafts, so I just grabbed some needles and called it a day. Next time I can work on those gift cards.....

Hope everyone has a good week!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

The great glasses debacle

So, I was super excited to go get my new glasses yesterday. We had Ethan with us, and met Loy and Olli at the Super Targ. Loy had one of those gigantic carts with the 2 seats, so we jammed the boys both in and told them to stay while we picked up the glasses at the optical center. The nice lady went and got them, and I put them on, only to realize my right eyelash touched the lens. This is extremely irritating and not really good over the long term. Not just when I blinked either- all the time! The worker tried to fix it, only to make BOTH sides touch the lens. Sigh. At this point we realized it wouldn't be quick and called for back-up to come get the (kinda nutty) boys. Grampa appeared and wheeled them off. :)

So, Loy and I spend another half hour picking NEW frames. The saleslady said my lenses are thicker than the sample clear ones- even tho I pay MUCH extra for the super-duper thinnest ever lenses.

The new pair is nice also, tho not named "witty kitty", which is slightly depressing. :) They do have fatter nose pieces, and are not as curved as my first pair- so we are hoping they work. But of course they cost more!!!

BUT..... last night Loy calls me and asks me if I had talked to Ben. I said no, why? and she told me they had this conversation- pry not exactly word for word, but close:

Ben: Hey, did Anne get her new glasses today?
Loy: No, they didn't fit.
Ben: Oh, her lashes touched the lenses?
Loy: You talked to her?
Ben: No, that is what happened last time she tried to buy plastic frames, remember?

Loy was stunned. I was stunned. I was slightly angry that Ben did NOT warn me about this BEFORE I went to buy new glasses. What is the point of having the steel trap memory if you don't use it to help people??? The reason I picked plastic frames is because my current glasses are metal and have those evil nose poker/pads that fall off once a month. Seriously, I have been to the local optical place monthly to get at least one replaced!!! And they are not normal ones- it takes like 15 minutes, even for the professional, to replace them... so I said "no nose pokers!!"


So, in two weeks, perhaps the lashes will NOT hit the lenses? Or back to the evil nose pokers?

Have a great weekend!


OTN (On The Needles if you haven't been reading, ANDREW): Geggie's birthday socks, tho I have been doing more reading than knitting. Out of books now tho....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kelly's Socks

Well, I finally finished Kelly's socks! Man socks take the most time- they are the widest and longest!

This pattern is called Harris Tweed, and the yarn is a Knit Picks essentials mix of brown and green. Kelly picked the color, overruling his wife's choice. :)

I really like continuing the cuff pattern down the foot. It makes it stretchier and conforms better I think!

Tonight is the "girly girl" spa night. Should be fun!


OTN- geggie's birthday socks

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bare Minerals

The first makeup I ever wore was Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals. I have also gotten several friends to wear it, and earned another convert this weekend. After realizing Jodi was interested, I researched to find the best prices, and I thought some others might appreciate the info.

First, the best place to learn about the products is the Bare Escentuals store at MOA. It is on the second floor outside of Nordstroms, altho they are opening a second store somewhere by Sears and it is already on the info kiosk. The best thing to do is go there first and set up an appointment. (If you can get Jackie, she was fabulous!) They can pick your best foundation shade, and teach you how to apply it. Today Jackie did one side of Jodi's face, and made Jodi do the other- so she got to try it herself. However, they seem a bit backwards on supplies- they had no disposable mascara wands, and Jackie used the cotton-free end of a q-tip. Still worked tho, I guess.

While at the Bare Escentuals store, check for BARGAINS. Today I got the nicest set of 3 eye shadows with a brush for only 25 bucks! The eyeshadows run 13 apiece, so it is a bargain. Jodi also got a cool eyeliner set that had a brush and 4 eyeliner colors. Don't remember the price, but it was a good deal.

HOWEVER.... don't buy the foundation or mineral veil at the BE store, if you need the brushes!! Walk across the mall, over to the big rotunda thing (today there was some sort of cheerleader competition, it was WAY noisy.) by Underwater World, on the first floor. There you will find the QVC at the Mall store. QVC is an internet and tv store, and they have the BEST starter kits for Bare Minerals. And the brushes are the best prices. So you can get more for less if you are starting out! Jodi got a kabuki brush set- perfect for more coverage- and a "newbie kit" that had some great products and another brush. (The saleslady said to check QVC on Jan 31st- the "today's special" is Bare Minerals!)
Now, if you have the brushes, you can pick up the foundation, mineral veil, and other products at Sephora or Ulta. For online shopping, QVC has a special Bare Minerals catalogue that offers one shipping price, no matter how much you buy.

Jodi looked fab, by the way. The best thing about Bare Minerals is that it is super natural. You just look.... better! :) And it is pure, never expires, and can't hurt you if you sleep in it!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Digesting Life

Today Julie and the boys came over. Nothing better on a -20 day than bow-bowing a baby! He sings along with you too, which makes it interesting.

The first thing the Lupus did to me 21ish years ago was attack my digestive system. It took many years, and many bottles of gross tasting Imodium liquid, until I got the rhythm. Note- one of my best days was when Imodium went prescription and to pills- then also when it went generic! HA!

Anyways, I got into the rhythm and could mostly make sure it was controlled when I needed it to be- if I had 24 hours warning and was very careful to check the ingredients of things! Then a few months ago, I started getting some heartburn. Not too surprising, cuz I have been on gastric reflux meds for years also, I just thought they were starting to fail. A few weeks ago, I started to suspect it was related to Actonel, which I take on Mondays for my bone density issues (due to years of steroid use.) (bored of the drugs yet? HA! I still have at least a dozen I haven't mentioned!)

I haven't been really hungry since before Christmas- I thought it was a Imodium issue, or the flu that was going around, then this week I had the flu on Monday. After, my throat was a bit sore and felt odd at the back of my mouth. On Tuesday I took my Actonel, since I couldn't Monday, and got the WORST heartburn ever. Then I was sure it was from that drug, so I called the doctor that prescribed it- my rheumatologist. She passed me off to the family doctor, who I didn't bother cuz he wouldn't know, so I called my endocrinologist who runs the bone tests. They decided I had to try Reclast, a once-a-year IV treatment.

BUT the point is, I haven't been hungry all week either. My system is definitely off. Did the Actonel do more damage? I have read horror stories online....

I guess we wait and see.... I would like to stop the imodium for a while and see how I react, but I have to wait until I am not leaving the house for a while! :) Since I am off to the MOA tomorrow with Jodi, it will have to wait.

Have a great weekend,


OTN- Kelly's sock #2, done the gusset decreases, on to the regular foot. Should be done by Tuesday when I see Shari!

Beads- gotta start on a wedding gift

Paper- favors for the soup luncheon at Good Shepard.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I hate the flu. Mostly cuz I hate throwing up. Now I especially hate throwing up when I have chronic sinus infections caused by my CPAP machine. After I threw up the first time, I laid in bed for an hour with all my sinuses in my face and forehead hurting so hard that all I could do was cry and wish I had an axe to chop my head off. (Tho that is a line of thought I try not to go down... by the time I removed all the pain, there would be nothing left! )

However, having gotten it all out, yesterday afternoon I was actually hungry, for the first time since before Christmas! Of course, I didn't dare eat anything until supper time, when I had a few crackers just so I could take my pills.

Today, however, I am much better. Read a book (don't recommend it!) and now actually cast on Kelly's sock number 2!

Mom took around 4 cards and I think 2 knitted items from my bin for upcoming birthdays. Handy for her, hey? The bin is getting low on scarves tho- only the fancy skinny scarves left. I should have known that trendy skinny scarves would never work here, in -20 Minnesota, hey?

Off to do some serious knitting....


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Train Contest

It was a very close race, ending with a tie between Olli and Ethan. Here are the winning trains:

Olli's train, now he won't let his mother dispose of it:

Ethan's boxcar, after eating most of the gingerbread:

The girl's, a close runner-up:

The prizes will be dispensed next time I see the boys, giving me time to scrounge something up! :)

more socks

Yesterday was a fun day- shopping and lunch out with the girls. We had a great group at lunch, lots of chatting and good food. I also got to pass out three pairs of finished socks!
First I gave Elise's socks to Shari. I had to take the picture of the socks off, since they didn't fit anyone here! I hope she likes them- she picked the color herself.

Second I have Jodi a pair for her birthday. They are the first pair I have made that is NOT superwash wool, so I included a bottle of no-rinse woolwash. (She did pick the yarn...and knew it was hand wash!) Julie is wearing them for the picture, and they were a bit tight. Jodi said they fit her perfectly tho!

Third are Mange's socks. They are at a slightly larger gauge, 7 stitches per inch instead of the usual 8. She really liked them tho, and said she needed warm socks. (Julie's foot in the picture also!)

I finished Kelly's sock # 1. I think I will do the same design, Harris Tweed, for Andrew's socks. But don't get excited, I haven't purhcased the yarn yet Andrew! Plus I need to do some birthday socks, Kelly's other sock, maybe some for myself....

Book of the Week

I am only allowed to read one book a day, or else I get nothing else done! This book actually took me two days, cuz Julie and the boys were over for most of the first one.

I did have fun with them tho! I made Julie help out with the cotton candy.

The Science of Good & Evil
Michael Shermer

I really enjoyed this book, especially his explanation of evil, and about the animal rights movements. The discussions of "us vs. them" and different experiments were good also. I found it interesting that the facts totally contradict the current view that America was once a Christian nation that has lapsed into secular debauchery. In fact, if you think America is more messed up today than 100 years ago, you might take into account that the number of Christians rose from 25 percent to 65! As he says:
"if America is going to hell in an immoral handbasket, it is happening when church membership is at an all-time high and a greater percentage of Americans (90-95 percent) than ever before proclaim belief in God."
He also talks about how absolute morality leads to absolute intolerance....

So, that is the Book of the Week!

Friday, January 9, 2009

pry should explain

I think perhaps I should explain the name of my blog?
Live, as in, "Live from new york!" from The Pit, as I used to call my bedroom. :)
You know, The Pit of Despair from the Princess Bride. Good movie, that.


Okay Julie

Julie has been after me to start a blog, so here goes. I think she is just trying to save money on phone bills- she won't have to call to see what is going on this way! Of course, mine won't be as witty and articulate as Julie's.... so don't expect that! Especially after the Lupus brain damage...and I have been noticing some of those symptoms again. For some reason I substitute "a" for the "be" in words that start with "be". Like Afore and Ahind instead of before and behind. But I think that is just verbally. Let me know if it is also written! HA! I also used to really have problems with things like two/to/too.

So, the blog might be boring, especially on days like today- when my skull just HURTS. I have been googling and the only thing of interest I have found is that RA can affect the skull. Strange, hey? There aren't any moving parts! Or else migraines. I haven't ever had migraines, but lots of plain headaches!

Julie wanted me to post things I have made.... lately it is mostly socks. :) Can't post the last few pairs finished, cuz they haven't made their way to the recipients yet! But I can post some.

These are Sara's birthday/christmas gift. It is a pattern called "moc croc".

These are Emily's socks. They are about knee high- one hundred rows just in the cuffs!

Anyways, that is about all for today.
OTN- on the needles- Kelly's sock number one. :)