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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bare Minerals

The first makeup I ever wore was Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals. I have also gotten several friends to wear it, and earned another convert this weekend. After realizing Jodi was interested, I researched to find the best prices, and I thought some others might appreciate the info.

First, the best place to learn about the products is the Bare Escentuals store at MOA. It is on the second floor outside of Nordstroms, altho they are opening a second store somewhere by Sears and it is already on the info kiosk. The best thing to do is go there first and set up an appointment. (If you can get Jackie, she was fabulous!) They can pick your best foundation shade, and teach you how to apply it. Today Jackie did one side of Jodi's face, and made Jodi do the other- so she got to try it herself. However, they seem a bit backwards on supplies- they had no disposable mascara wands, and Jackie used the cotton-free end of a q-tip. Still worked tho, I guess.

While at the Bare Escentuals store, check for BARGAINS. Today I got the nicest set of 3 eye shadows with a brush for only 25 bucks! The eyeshadows run 13 apiece, so it is a bargain. Jodi also got a cool eyeliner set that had a brush and 4 eyeliner colors. Don't remember the price, but it was a good deal.

HOWEVER.... don't buy the foundation or mineral veil at the BE store, if you need the brushes!! Walk across the mall, over to the big rotunda thing (today there was some sort of cheerleader competition, it was WAY noisy.) by Underwater World, on the first floor. There you will find the QVC at the Mall store. QVC is an internet and tv store, and they have the BEST starter kits for Bare Minerals. And the brushes are the best prices. So you can get more for less if you are starting out! Jodi got a kabuki brush set- perfect for more coverage- and a "newbie kit" that had some great products and another brush. (The saleslady said to check QVC on Jan 31st- the "today's special" is Bare Minerals!)
Now, if you have the brushes, you can pick up the foundation, mineral veil, and other products at Sephora or Ulta. For online shopping, QVC has a special Bare Minerals catalogue that offers one shipping price, no matter how much you buy.

Jodi looked fab, by the way. The best thing about Bare Minerals is that it is super natural. You just look.... better! :) And it is pure, never expires, and can't hurt you if you sleep in it!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Very cool. The colors are pretty! Glad you and Jodi had fun today.

    Andrew was pretty sure you spelled Bare Escentuals wrong...

  2. I like my BE stuff, it is super nice. Thanks to you, Kare, and El for my bday last year.

  3. I tried something BE once. It was a powdery sort of foundation I think. The first time I tried to apply it, I got powder EVERYWHERE. Well, except on my face. That was the end of my make up experience. Oh well .. I don't really have the patience for it anyway. :)

  4. I practiced the eyes yesterday. I definitely do better when no one's watching! Love the stuff. It does only take 5 minutes.