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Monday, January 26, 2009


So today was my first annual Reclast injection. It was done at the Cancer Center at the Central Health Plaza, tho I found out it is billed from the hospital, so I pry will have to do the financial aid papers for them too....

I checked in at the cancer center first, and then went to the lab because you need certain blood tests first, and my doctor ordered extra for me. Then you have an appt an hour later at the "chemo/infusion center". (Mom and Dad dropped me off and went shopping.) When I was checking in, they gave me the little plastic bracelet with my name on it. (Olli would either be horrified or thrilled... depending on how he feels today....) The lady told me I had to wear one every time I came for an infusion, but not to worry, they would give me a new one next time. Lucky, since I don't have to go back for a YEAR! HA!

After the blood draw, I went down to the other desk and checked in. Then I sat and read a book Ryan Y. lent me. Pretty good, esp considering it is written for 12 year olds! :) Saved my life today, cuz I am OUT of library books!

Anyways, they got my labs back and called me early. Your "room" has two actual walls, then a curtain separating you from the next room, and one on the hall side also. The nurse was really nice, she had to do warm towels to get my veins, but she was cheerful the whole time. Lucky, cuz she said they have a policy, with some big name, that means the patients are supposed to complain while they are there and NOT send angry letters after. (Yeah, she said "angry letters" and I laughed cuz I love sending angry letters!) The first IV try blew the vein.

The second worked, and I got a bunch of saline first.

While it was going, she gave me the fact sheets on Reclast. Basically the side effects can include "flu-like symptoms for a week", and a bunch of other stuff I already have. The best part was that my doctor told me to drink extra. The form said it too. But it also said, in bold capitals, "IMPORTANT: DO NOT DRINK TO MUCH WATER." The nurse could NOT answer how much too much was however. Sigh. HA!

The nurse had to ask me a million questions, like, am I safe at home? And other health questions that I had to say "yes" to, confusing her. "Do you ever fall?" "well, off the stool in my beadroom last week. and off my bed a few times. How recently do you want?" hehehhee
She had to put disclaimers on half the questions!

"Do you worry about your finances?" "Yeah, I put in the aid form, but I think I have to do another on cuz you are technically the hospital." "ummm...."

"Do you have any eye issues besides glasses?" "Yeah, I have cataracts."

"What is your pain right now from 1 to 10?" "A six." "What hurts?" "Everything."
"Do your pain pills help?" "Well, I don't notice a difference, but the fam says I am less crabby when I take them."

After I finally got the drug, and was getting more saline, just as I noticed the IV stand puter said "less than 1 minute left" a little old lady volunteer came to see if I needed any help. I told her I was almost done and she chattered about how she was there for anything I might need, it was her job to help. I did NOT tell her that the saline really made me have to pee....

When the IV was finally out and I was free to go, I pulled back the curtain and emerged- only to run into mother! It was noon, and she thought I had died back there and had come to find me. (She claims to have called, but I had no missed calls and had been texting with Carm so my phone was working.) I laughed. Now we know how long it takes. She had warned El to keep an eye out for an ambulances cuz they pry had me in them while she went to look. Like I would die from getting an IV!

Then I got to go shopping!! Spent my Michael's card from Sheri, got a really cool card magazine/book cuz I need to make cards. No one comes over to scrap anymore, so I don't hang out in the beadroom! And mom steals them all. So I am way low.
I was kinda dizzy and week by the time we hit crafts, so I just grabbed some needles and called it a day. Next time I can work on those gift cards.....

Hope everyone has a good week!


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