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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last night Hailey spent the night. She helped me clean my room. If you ever need help organizing, Hailey is your girl! She loves to dig in people's things, lol. She also loves to wash my breathing machine parts....
We watched "Parent Trap". Hailey hates when I make snotty comments, but she puts up with it. I just point out inconsistencies and faults in the characters. :)

Today Manda came by and watched "Pink Panther" with her. I refused. I hate farces like that....

I made cotton candy, so they are sugared out. Tho I am pretty sure they are eating jelly beans right now....

OTN... Geggie's last birthday sock. :)

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  1. Ha-ha! You are funny. I think I would hate watching a movie with you. :D Glad you had a fun day, what's in store for the week?