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Sunday, February 1, 2009

game of the month

I got this game for Christmas, in my stocking. It is very simple, yet addicting. It is good for all ages, tho Olli was a bit young.
The first time we played was a few weeks after Christmas. Loy, Ben and O were over for Saunas, and Loy and I started playing. We started slow, then realized how addicting it is... do you gamble and maybe lose your points? Or take what you have??? Mom came to join us for the second game, and she loved it. She even asked me where I got it. "um... from you.... for Christmas!" We died laughing.
That was the night O tried playing. He got frustrated tho, and got out Don't Spill The Beans instead. Lucky, cuz a few minutes later he projectile vomited all over the game! I, of course, ran for the hills the second it started and let Mom and Gramma clean it up. The Toss Up! (ironic name, huh?) dice were on the edge of the puke zone, so I quietly cleaned them with Mela germ stuff, then put them away.

Until yesterday- after Manda and Hails watched a movie and ate cotton candy, Manda suggested we play a game and I grabbed Toss Up! It was a huge hit. Manda and I almost peed our pants watching Hailey. She is a gambler... she could barely sit still, would stand up to roll, her whole body shaking, then gamble too long and lose it all, collapsing in despair back into her chair. Manda and I just laughed and laughed at her! It was a close game too- except for Hailey. The object is to get to 200 points- but then we give each player a chance to beat the winner... Manda and I were close, so I carefully went just under 200, then on my next turn went all out and rolled a 49 point turn. I had 246. Manda had to roll 58 to beat me... the tension was high... we were on the edge of our seats... she rolled and rolled... and stopped at 59 with the win. Hailey, being so far behind, had to get 100 points to win. She crapped out after 9 tho... :)
We kept hollering "Don't crap out!" and got into a discussion about where that came from. We guess the game Craps... and then we had to discuss whether crap is a bad word in that context...
It is a great game, lots of fun for cheap. And it helps kids with math skills if you make them keep score like we did Hailey!
Happy Sunday,


  1. LOL, you are having dead philosiphical discussions about verbiage! I loved that!

  2. I did 100 comments that never post.