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Monday, February 9, 2009

Catching Up

Well, the spa day went really well. I liked the facial the best- except the spinning brush part, it tickled my nose like crazy and made me sneeze like twelve times! Then I had a massage, a pedicure, a manicure and a hair cut. I, of course, wrecked four (finger) nails within two seconds. And I had to go upstairs, thru the mall, with my paper pedicure slippers on, to the salon to get my hair cut. Naturally one of the paper shoes ripped and I had to hobble thru the mall back to the spa, sliding the broken shoe under my foot. Pry got some kind of foot disease in the process! The mani/pedi lady was curious about the bruises on my foot- I hadn't noticed them before, so I would blame the massage lady, but she went very softly on my feet, so she pry noticed them as opposed to causing them!

The toes got a dark purple, the fingers a light pink so it hopefully won't show the chips as much. If they just let each coat dry as they did them, instead of saving money and time by jamming six coats on at once, it wouldn't take two hours to dry!!

I will post a picture of the hair and NEW GLASSES on Thursday. That's right, got my new glasses! And got two compliments from strangers on them within the first 24 hours! :)

Amanda got a new coat, and I am making her a matching hat. Well, I hope I am. One of my lights in my room burned out, and I am too dizzy to climb on the bed to change it. So, I think the yarn is black, but it just might be navy or something.... Until I can convince a visitor (perhaps tomorrow's dinner guest?) to climb on the bed and change it, no sock knitting. I took a picture of the bulky hat yarn vs the skinny sock yarn, just for fun. The hat is a version of the "Brangelina" hat... adapted to my yarn or course. I never do much exactly to the pattern....

Gregory is home from the hospital!! Yay! Here's hoping for a restful week for him and his whole family...


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