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Monday, February 23, 2009

candy and cards

I finally woke up and did something, then figured I better post in case Julie comes home from the hospital- I know she will check this first, ha! :) Blogs are blocked at Children's.... wonder why? Parents need something to do when they spend day and night there....

Laura had asked me to make the peanut butter eggs from Simple and Delicious. I said I would, then promptly forgot. Saturday she called up and asked if I was... she is SR (spoiled rotten) but as her husband was coming over to do this-

I decided I better. I was pretty dizzy and out of it, so I biffed the recipe some, but they came out fine. I didn't try any, I was sick, but Laura said they were "better than Reece's" , which I think is pretty good. I didn't take pictures, which is okay cuz I couldn't figure out what an egg shape was, so I just made balls and flattened them. The peanut butter part has graham cracker crumbs in it- seems strange, but apparently is delicious! So, if you are looking for some nice easy homemade candy, try Simple and Delicious. :)

Then I finally sat down and made some cards. First I did a Thank You for Carm for having me over- my fave stamp set for that is "Sassy Suzie" from Stampin' Up.

Here it is: Inside:

I always decorate the envelope to match:

Since I was coloring Suzies anyway, I did a few birthday cards:

When I was in the beadroom, I decided to do some Thank Yous for Lena. I am sending them to everyone who scooped the litterbox while Mom and Dad are away- tho I did lose my list. so if you don't get one, don't blame Lena! :)


I am also back to knitting- turned the heal on Tatie's first sock this morning.... :)

Send a few Angry Letters by email too. I actually have a file called angryletter.doc that I use for sent by mail letters, but email ones I do when I can. I had a box of VanDeKamp's Crunchy Fish Fillets that was one short- they are great by the way, if you get the number on the front of the box! The same meal I made my own tarter sauce with Vlasic Squeezable HomeStyle Relish, and found the relish does NOT shut airtight... you can hear the air going in and out if you squeeze it when it is shut. Imagine my surprise when I found out both are made by the same company! HA! Two complaints in one message. (I really just want to know how long the relish lasts if it is not actually sealed.... and a replacement fish fillet.)

Then I had a new set of Addi double points that I pulled out today- only to notice less than an hour later one had a busted point!
My fave line from that email:

"This had to have been a defect, as I did NOT drop them,
stab anyone, chew on them, or do anything besides gentle knitting."

We shall see if anyone replies!

Have a good week,


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  1. HA! I am rolling with laughter. Anne, you are too much. You and your complaint letters- I am glad someone is holding the fishstick counters accountable. They should all be fired, darn it! :) You're awesome. I loved that first hospitality card most, cute! Glad you've been occupied, very much missing you and tell the phantom cat not to go back into hiding.