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Sunday, February 15, 2009

catching up

This past week I have been SUPER busy. But I still got a few things done.

First I made a large batch of my Frankincense Lavender Healing Balm. Carm came for lunch the day I made it and had to take some home just from the scent! I love this balm- I rub it into my hands and elbows several times a day!

I also finished Manda's Brangelina hat. I ran out of black, so I finished the top in red. I didn't really like it, so I made another in a cool charcoal gray yarn.

We finally found undies to fit Olli (there are NO size 5 undies!!!) and he came over to stamp them this week. I like to buy undies for all the niblings when they are toilet trained, and he wanted HOCKEY. No one sells hockey undies, so we had to stamp them. Here he is with one of the completed pairs. Ethie stamped one pair too, for himself, but refused to pose with them. He said he wanted them to be "a surprise". :)

Here is my new glasses picture too! Tho the screw fell out on Saturday and we had to go to the local eye place to have it replaced. None of us could do it... I am going to google to find the tools they use at the professional eye place! :)

One the needles- I am making scarves that match Gregory's birthday socks (no pics of those yet- his feet are busy being used for medical purposes!) for his teddy bear that goes to all the procedures with him. I also am relearning crochet so I can teach Maila.

Have a great week-


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