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Friday, January 9, 2009

Okay Julie

Julie has been after me to start a blog, so here goes. I think she is just trying to save money on phone bills- she won't have to call to see what is going on this way! Of course, mine won't be as witty and articulate as Julie's.... so don't expect that! Especially after the Lupus brain damage...and I have been noticing some of those symptoms again. For some reason I substitute "a" for the "be" in words that start with "be". Like Afore and Ahind instead of before and behind. But I think that is just verbally. Let me know if it is also written! HA! I also used to really have problems with things like two/to/too.

So, the blog might be boring, especially on days like today- when my skull just HURTS. I have been googling and the only thing of interest I have found is that RA can affect the skull. Strange, hey? There aren't any moving parts! Or else migraines. I haven't ever had migraines, but lots of plain headaches!

Julie wanted me to post things I have made.... lately it is mostly socks. :) Can't post the last few pairs finished, cuz they haven't made their way to the recipients yet! But I can post some.

These are Sara's birthday/christmas gift. It is a pattern called "moc croc".

These are Emily's socks. They are about knee high- one hundred rows just in the cuffs!

Anyways, that is about all for today.
OTN- on the needles- Kelly's sock number one. :)



  1. Am I that transparent? Shucks... :)

    I love that pattern, the "moc croc". Very cool!

  2. ....my feet are sooo cold.... sniff sniff....