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Sunday, January 11, 2009

more socks

Yesterday was a fun day- shopping and lunch out with the girls. We had a great group at lunch, lots of chatting and good food. I also got to pass out three pairs of finished socks!
First I gave Elise's socks to Shari. I had to take the picture of the socks off, since they didn't fit anyone here! I hope she likes them- she picked the color herself.

Second I have Jodi a pair for her birthday. They are the first pair I have made that is NOT superwash wool, so I included a bottle of no-rinse woolwash. (She did pick the yarn...and knew it was hand wash!) Julie is wearing them for the picture, and they were a bit tight. Jodi said they fit her perfectly tho!

Third are Mange's socks. They are at a slightly larger gauge, 7 stitches per inch instead of the usual 8. She really liked them tho, and said she needed warm socks. (Julie's foot in the picture also!)

I finished Kelly's sock # 1. I think I will do the same design, Harris Tweed, for Andrew's socks. But don't get excited, I haven't purhcased the yarn yet Andrew! Plus I need to do some birthday socks, Kelly's other sock, maybe some for myself....


  1. What a beautiful foot model you have. She looks very professional, holding her leg "just so"...
    Loved the new socks. Very interesting patterns!

  2. Anne,
    Mike and I were lucky to each receive a pair of socks for Christmas from Julie and Andrew that were made by you. They are so warm and comfy, now I know why everyone wants socks made by Anne!