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Friday, January 16, 2009

Digesting Life

Today Julie and the boys came over. Nothing better on a -20 day than bow-bowing a baby! He sings along with you too, which makes it interesting.

The first thing the Lupus did to me 21ish years ago was attack my digestive system. It took many years, and many bottles of gross tasting Imodium liquid, until I got the rhythm. Note- one of my best days was when Imodium went prescription and to pills- then also when it went generic! HA!

Anyways, I got into the rhythm and could mostly make sure it was controlled when I needed it to be- if I had 24 hours warning and was very careful to check the ingredients of things! Then a few months ago, I started getting some heartburn. Not too surprising, cuz I have been on gastric reflux meds for years also, I just thought they were starting to fail. A few weeks ago, I started to suspect it was related to Actonel, which I take on Mondays for my bone density issues (due to years of steroid use.) (bored of the drugs yet? HA! I still have at least a dozen I haven't mentioned!)

I haven't been really hungry since before Christmas- I thought it was a Imodium issue, or the flu that was going around, then this week I had the flu on Monday. After, my throat was a bit sore and felt odd at the back of my mouth. On Tuesday I took my Actonel, since I couldn't Monday, and got the WORST heartburn ever. Then I was sure it was from that drug, so I called the doctor that prescribed it- my rheumatologist. She passed me off to the family doctor, who I didn't bother cuz he wouldn't know, so I called my endocrinologist who runs the bone tests. They decided I had to try Reclast, a once-a-year IV treatment.

BUT the point is, I haven't been hungry all week either. My system is definitely off. Did the Actonel do more damage? I have read horror stories online....

I guess we wait and see.... I would like to stop the imodium for a while and see how I react, but I have to wait until I am not leaving the house for a while! :) Since I am off to the MOA tomorrow with Jodi, it will have to wait.

Have a great weekend,


OTN- Kelly's sock #2, done the gusset decreases, on to the regular foot. Should be done by Tuesday when I see Shari!

Beads- gotta start on a wedding gift

Paper- favors for the soup luncheon at Good Shepard.

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