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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The great glasses debacle

So, I was super excited to go get my new glasses yesterday. We had Ethan with us, and met Loy and Olli at the Super Targ. Loy had one of those gigantic carts with the 2 seats, so we jammed the boys both in and told them to stay while we picked up the glasses at the optical center. The nice lady went and got them, and I put them on, only to realize my right eyelash touched the lens. This is extremely irritating and not really good over the long term. Not just when I blinked either- all the time! The worker tried to fix it, only to make BOTH sides touch the lens. Sigh. At this point we realized it wouldn't be quick and called for back-up to come get the (kinda nutty) boys. Grampa appeared and wheeled them off. :)

So, Loy and I spend another half hour picking NEW frames. The saleslady said my lenses are thicker than the sample clear ones- even tho I pay MUCH extra for the super-duper thinnest ever lenses.

The new pair is nice also, tho not named "witty kitty", which is slightly depressing. :) They do have fatter nose pieces, and are not as curved as my first pair- so we are hoping they work. But of course they cost more!!!

BUT..... last night Loy calls me and asks me if I had talked to Ben. I said no, why? and she told me they had this conversation- pry not exactly word for word, but close:

Ben: Hey, did Anne get her new glasses today?
Loy: No, they didn't fit.
Ben: Oh, her lashes touched the lenses?
Loy: You talked to her?
Ben: No, that is what happened last time she tried to buy plastic frames, remember?

Loy was stunned. I was stunned. I was slightly angry that Ben did NOT warn me about this BEFORE I went to buy new glasses. What is the point of having the steel trap memory if you don't use it to help people??? The reason I picked plastic frames is because my current glasses are metal and have those evil nose poker/pads that fall off once a month. Seriously, I have been to the local optical place monthly to get at least one replaced!!! And they are not normal ones- it takes like 15 minutes, even for the professional, to replace them... so I said "no nose pokers!!"


So, in two weeks, perhaps the lashes will NOT hit the lenses? Or back to the evil nose pokers?

Have a great weekend!


OTN (On The Needles if you haven't been reading, ANDREW): Geggie's birthday socks, tho I have been doing more reading than knitting. Out of books now tho....


  1. Haha! That is hilarious that Ben remembered! Well, like I said, my first pair did the same thing and the ones I have now do not...

  2. You are far more accurate with the convo then I would be recreating it for you.