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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I hate the flu. Mostly cuz I hate throwing up. Now I especially hate throwing up when I have chronic sinus infections caused by my CPAP machine. After I threw up the first time, I laid in bed for an hour with all my sinuses in my face and forehead hurting so hard that all I could do was cry and wish I had an axe to chop my head off. (Tho that is a line of thought I try not to go down... by the time I removed all the pain, there would be nothing left! )

However, having gotten it all out, yesterday afternoon I was actually hungry, for the first time since before Christmas! Of course, I didn't dare eat anything until supper time, when I had a few crackers just so I could take my pills.

Today, however, I am much better. Read a book (don't recommend it!) and now actually cast on Kelly's sock number 2!

Mom took around 4 cards and I think 2 knitted items from my bin for upcoming birthdays. Handy for her, hey? The bin is getting low on scarves tho- only the fancy skinny scarves left. I should have known that trendy skinny scarves would never work here, in -20 Minnesota, hey?

Off to do some serious knitting....



  1. Glad that you feel better. You fought it off the best. I thought I was good at fighting it and it got me by day 3- but you... it took 14!

  2. Hope you're still feeling better. Take it easy...

  3. ... i already typed my message and the site blew up and it is gone... i guess you all will never know what i had typed because i am too weak to re-type it. of course this comment is 4 pages longer than the one statement that i refuse to re-write.