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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have been a bit obsessed with petrified wood for a few months, after I saw one of the tv shopping shows selling some jewelry made with it. I finally found some beads I could afford last week, and had to make jewelry with it right away. It is not quite what I expected, but very pretty. Looks shiny and hard like a gemstone, but is much lighter!

I also love tigers eye and citrine so I decided to mix it with the wood. The citrine chips aren't as pretty as actual rounds, but still nice in person.

First, of course, I made a dangle bracelet combining the three.

Then a cool drop earring. I saw one like this online, so I wanted to try it.

This is a chandelier using some findings I had. I left the citrine out. I am not sure if I like them, it seems like the wood beads are too large. The other rounds are tigers eye.

These were made with some beads Mom brought home from Gulf Shores. I am not sure what they are, but the cream ones feel like some kind of bone.

I made these with lapis and turquoise chips.

Have a great week,


  1. Gorgeous! Wow. You could sell them. :)

  2. Wow - these are absolutely gorgeous.