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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Proud To Be An American...

where at least I know I'm free...

Yep, the old Neil Diamond song is going through my head today after reading "Shakedown" by Ezra Levant.

You may remember I mentioned previously how in Canada you can be punished for your thoughts. Ezra is the one who actually fought back against the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission. (Yep, put it in quotes for a reason. ) These commissions exist in all the Canadian provinces, and they consist of people with extreme views ignoring all laws and legal procedures to punish people for their thoughts. Yep, thoughts. Ezra was interrogated about his THOUGHTS. Luckily he got enough publicity and money to fight back.

These commissions have made such decisions as to demand McDonald's hire back a woman. (and pay her large fines.) A woman who was on disability off and on for two years because she got a rash from washing her hands. A woman who felt she still "deserved" to work at McDonald's without following government regulations on cleanliness and food handling. A woman who could have easily passed on germs, or worse, to thousands of people. McDonald's worked with her for over two years, including much of that paying her disability, before she lost her job. Do you want her hired at your favorite dinner spot?

Basically, anyone in Canada can decide anything hurt their (or someone else's) feelings and sue. They do NOT have to pay lawyers or anything else, the Commissions take care of it all. Of course the target of the suit has to pay their own lawyers fees. For many YEARS while the commission decides. The same commission that stole a woman's internet access and posted vile racist rants on white supremacists' (among other) websites. The same commissions that hired anyone, with any background, to "try" the cases.

Sounds fun, huh?

That's why I am proud to be an American, where I can have any opinion I want and state it proudly. And so can everyone else.



  1. Good song. Lee Greenwood wrote and sings it. I always loved "From the lakes of Minnesota..." part as a kid.

    Those sound like some mixed-up laws. Yuck.

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