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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

boycott the swiss!

I am officially boycotting swiss cheese, swiss chocolate, swiss banks and all things swiss. (I don't think I actually buy anything swiss, but it is the thought that counts, right?)

Why you ask? Because the Swiss seem to feel no need to follow the extradition rules. They have refused to extradite the pedophile that fled the US decades ago to avoid his jail time. Apparently they don't mind pedophiles in Switzerland- don't visit with your kids!

What is the point of extradition treaties if the countries decide when/if they want to follow them?

As for the pedophile himself, I have boycotted all his movies and productions since I learned the story many years ago. He is such an ugly rat-like man, he just ewws me out, even before I learned he was a pedophile who fled the USA to avoid justice.

Boycott the Swiss!

Have a good week, except for you, Roman and the Swiss!


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  1. I know, I am peeved about this, too! I couldn't believe it. Sure, the victim said she is over it, but what he did is a crime!!