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Friday, October 9, 2009

more hats

I am on my billionth sinus infection. Luckily, the antibiotic I am on has been spotted featured in lawyer commercials- it causes tendon tears! Yee Haw!
Here is the last apple hat in progress- yeah, he thought it was way funny to wear it while it was still on the needles. And to run fast away so the yarn pulled out behind him!

This is one of the green apple hats.
This hat was a bit more complicated. I did it in one year size, and it is... about too small on the 4 month old. I have to adjust it much bigger to fit a nine-ish girl next.
I didn't take a pic of Hail's horse before she opened her gifts....

Have a great week,


  1. Tops Huna. Thanks for the beautiful hats. They are all great. I like the selection. A small girl approached me at Cub and announced, "I know that that is a girl baby". I said, "huh..." and she continued, "Cause she has that cool girl hat on". The crazy one you made. That made me laugh. Huna did a Huna smile.

  2. Cute horse! And I like Senj's crazy hat. It's adorable on her. Still have to make the halloween costumes to match the boys hats. It's officially cold enough that they have to wear them.