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Sunday, October 18, 2009

hats and more hats

Better than "things that make me crabby", hey? HA! My sister has commented several times lately that I seem crabby, but I am not. I just am in pain! It pry does give me low tolerance however. :) My sinus infection is on the fifty seventh week, I finished the antibiotics and will hit the doc again this week. Plus my life is pretty much pain. Sometimes I want to blog about that but figure you all will be too bored...

So hats it is!

I am currently knitting the most complicated thing I have ever knitted. I can't even watch tv! ( I will post pics of it when I am done.) So when I want to watch a show, I do an easy hat instead.

This hat is for my Goddaughter Tess. It should match her new winter coat. These suckers are so stretchy, I swear they fit a 3 year old to an adult! I expect her to wear it well into her 90s. :)
I asked her and her sister if they wanted plain top, pompom top, or funky top. She picked funky, so I did four i-cords.
Here is her sister Lia's hat.

She picked pompom, and asked if I could add bells. Now, why didn't I ever think of that? I love bells!!
This is just like Senja's hat but made larger for Moo. She hasn't seen it yet...
This was an attempt at a child's hat that came out adult size. It also has a tendency to curl at the forehead, which really irritates me. No home for it yet.
Hope you are having a great weekend, and no R2D2 flu!


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