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Sunday, November 1, 2009

"new" math

I have been discussing the "new" math with Jodi for a while. We both are totally math-brained, but don't understand why the normal way to do math is banned.

Last night between trick or treaters, I had my nieces explain some of it to me. We did double digit multiplication. They showed me one way where you draw a box, put the numbers on adjacent edges, draw diagonal lines, then multiply the individual digits, write the answers in the correct half-box, then add them up on the diagonal. They did get the right answer, but when I did the same problem the normal way, it took me about as long as it took them to draw the diagram. The second way involves setting it up like a normal problem, but then only multiplying individual digits, adding varying numbers of zeros, and giving each their own line. You end up with four lines of numbers to add.

I understood their ways, but they completely were lost at mine. I think if you are going to teach multiple methods, why can't you teach the normal way too?

So, if you come across any notes with cryptic diagrams, they may not be secret spy notes but just some kid's homework.

Catching up:

Here is the hard project I have been working on. It is a double knit hat for Ethie. Basically you knit the inside fabric and the outside fabric at the same time, using two colors of yarn, reversing the pattern from side to side. It is designed to be worn either way out, with the bottom folded up to the reverse.

I took a picture during the beginning when you fold the fabric in half to form the two sides. (It was on my phone, sorry.)

Here is the finished product- I thought I had close-up pics but can't find any.
This is the 2nd hat I made Senj, with the super expensive ribbon yarn. Pretty cool, and I got a deal on the yarn so I can make a bigger one when she grows more.
Here is the finished UPS costume. Can't see the badge, but you can see the box with the "official" mailing labels I made for O!
Have a great week,

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