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Thursday, November 5, 2009

card class

Jodi took me to a xmas card class for my birthday. We had a blast, even tho the lady tried to control us and make us sit at separate tables. Pretty sure it was less than five minutes before I was sitting next to Jodi, and we did the cards together. She also told us to "stamp only" and "not assemble" cuz she was worried that we wouldn't be out of the room by 9:30. (She also showed this by holding up random cards and checking if everyone had made that card so she could put the supplies away. Kinda irritating.) We assembled anyways and finished all our cards by 8 pm, so there lady! :)

The cards were nice, but some of the paper was cut too short. (Some was too long, but I just trimmed those off when I got home. You can't fix too short!) Plus, some of the paper she used were really poor choices for card design. Some pieces we were supposed to use had random cut off words, or not any complete designs, just cut off bits of some swirl. So some of the papers I DID NOT use on the cards, I just dumped them. Overall tho, the cards were nice designs.

Julie asked to see some, so here you go:

This one I liked. It is more "winter" theme, so I can use if for birthdays or something besides xmas. (I already have all the paper cut for mine and Mother's cards, so I am not using these for that.)
I did have to pull it out of the scanner to see what was at the top- apparently I got an extra pearl up there somehow. (I also shot one down my shirt trying to use the tweezers she gave with the pearl sheet, and resorted to fingers after that.)

I just thought this one was cheery.
Actually loved this card. It is strangely reminiscent of the cards I am making for myself...
This was my fave. Loved the snowflake/whatever the design is.

This was an example of badly cut paper. See the arrows to see how short it was- we just ended up centering the piece. Also, the ornament paper got a bit boring after the billionth (felt like) time we had to use it...

Overall, good fun, nice cards. Of course I did list my concerns on the evaluation sheet she forced us to fill out. :) We did 50 cards, 2 of each design. I have divided them up into "winter" and "christmas" so I can use the winter ones anytime all winter.

If anyone needs a couple christmas cards and likes these samples, come on over and see the rest!
Have a good night,


  1. Those turned out gorgeous, Anne! Love them. Trying to pick a favorite but can't decide. They're all awesome.

  2. Interesting concept- (card class).