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Saturday, September 5, 2009

book of the month

Hey Everyone,

I have been pretty sick for the last week, so I haven't been online as much. I do have a really cool project to post as soon as I give it to the person I made if for tho! :)

Book of the Month:

Autism's False Prophets-
Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and The Search For a Cure
by Paul A Offit, M.D.

I got this book after watching a show on autism on tv. It is really interesting- it tells how the media and random people who happen to have a dog in the fight can turn the opinions of the majority of Americans.
If I asked you if there had been found a cause for autism, would you say mercury? Or vaccinations?
Both are WRONG. So far all they know is that it is genetic and starts fairly early in the pregnancy. Mercury and vaccinations have NO effect on autism rates. Yep, people have sued and gotten big money claiming it, but it has been proven not true. Many times over. Does the public ever hear about those studies? Nope, we get Jenny McCarthy and RFK junior writing books and articles where the most basic statistics are false inflaming us into skipping vaccinations, leading to preventable deaths. Sigh.
And poor (not monetarily necessarily!) parents spending thousands on wacky "treatments" that can end up killing the child.

This book is very interesting, thought provoking and sticks to SCIENCE.

Have a great weekend,

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  1. As someone who works closely with children that have Autism, I have to say that I have never thought it was caused by vaccinations etc. I believe there is some type of genetic component myself. I do believe that some of the typical Autistic behaviors can be lessened in some children with a change in diet and with some types of intense therapy but both are dependent on the severity of the Autism. I work with children across the Autism spectrum from mild to severe non-verbal children and no 2 children are alike with their personal challenges. Parents need to spend their money on useful and effective treatments for their particular child.