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Sunday, August 30, 2009


So my last post and discussion with Julie got me thinking about Reiki. I still can't say I have healed anyone really, but it does have some interesting uses.

I especially seem connected to distance Reiki. I have used it to tell when my sister and sister-in-laws were in labor, and when they finished, for the last many babies. (Just a side note- labor must HURT- cuz it kills my hands to check the field of someone in labor!)

I have used it very successfully to relieve babies' gas pains.

I can help people with pain, tho not really fix the problem.

I have had some good results figuring out where the problem is when Gregory has been hospitalized. A few months ago, Julie asked me to work on him when he was on his way in and I texted her that there was a spot on the left side of his stomach that just sucked the energy. She called me and told me that was where he pointed when she asked him where it hurt. Then when he was going in on Friday, I was working on him and told her that it was his chest- it had never felt that way before, but the rest of his field was strong. (His field is usually really strong- strange for a chronically ill person, huh?) Turns out he had beginning Pneumonia!

I also have had a very scary experience. I was working on a friend and her lower pelvic region was like a black hole. It wouldn't really seem to take energy, it just was the worst thing I had felt. Trying to be diplomatic, I told her it was a weak area. She then told me she was just barely pregnant. I told her that the baby must need a lot of energy to start growing, but I knew something bad was happening. A few weeks later, she miscarried. Scary.

Reiki also seems good for calming. My sister calls me when her baby is unhappy and she can't figure out why, I can soothe the babe with Reiki. (Pry is gas!)

One other thing I find interesting. When they taught me both Reiki and Healing Touch, they said that when doing distance work, you must always first ask the person if you may. Mostly I do people I know, so I don't bother. Once tho, a friend asked me to work on a relative that I didn't really know. I did my routine and started working. At first I could feel the field perfectly, then it was like a huge door slamming down on me and pushing me away. After that I could not feel a thing. I asked my friend, and she admitted that the person would hate anyone trying to do energy work! No means no! :)

Anyway, I am sure I could come up with many examples like these. I didn't want anyone to think just because of my last post that I am not going to do energy work anymore. :)

Have a great week,

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