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Thursday, August 6, 2009

scorched earth.. or sheets... and birthday

A few months ago I noticed my sheets and jammas had a horrid burnt smell to them when they came out of the wash. After consulting Mother, we decided something bad must have happened in the dryer, and I tried to ignore it until I could replace both sheets and jammas. Then after having the new sheets for quite a while, just this week I realized my new jammas smelled the same as the old ones, just not as bad yet. A quick sniff check showed the sheets smelled also.

Mother thought it had something to do with essential oils, but I didn't. I have used the same balm and oils for years, why would it suddenly start causing bad odors? Yesterday I had an epiphany when I was trying to think what had changed with my sheets to cause the smell. A few months before the first stench, I read somewhere that you shouldn't make your bed as soon as you get up, you should let the sheets air and dry. How would this make them stink?

Well, the first thing I do EVERY SINGLE day is sit on my bed, getting dressed, while putting sunblock on my entire body. Naturally lots of sunblock got on the comforter over the years, but when I quit making the bed, it started soaking into the sheets. Somehow combining it with the heat of the washer and dryer made the bad smell.

I went back to making my bed as soon as I get up. The comforter has NEVER smelled, even tho it has been washed. Now I just hope the bad smell can wash out of the sheets and jammas. Last time Mom washed them like 3 times with no improvement. Anyone have ideas for getting the burn smell out? I am going to ask Mom to wash them on cold and air dry for a while until the smell subsides...
She may have tried vinegar last time, I am not sure.

On another subject, I would like to throw out some birthday/Christmas suggestions if anyone cares.

(The bed is queen sized if the sheets don't unstink!)
Nickel-free earrings that are post, hoop or lever back. (No hooks, they don't fit me.)
Knit or Crochet stitch dictionary

shoot, I forget the other stuff I had thought of. Will update later. :)

Have a great week,

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  1. My best reading of a blog ever- Burn smell in sheets and pjs- hahahahahahahahaha. Only thing more funny would be a sweat smell. hahahahaha. Good luck with that one-