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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

t-mobile sucks

Loy called me today (yes, I was on the treadmill, she calls daily when I am!) and told me that t-mobile is going to start charging $1.50 each month for sending you a bill.

Isn't billing part of the cost of doing business? How can you charge someone for their bill? If I refuse to pay the charge, and you don't send me a bill, then why should I pay for something I wasn't billed for???

It seems like it would make WAY more sense to give people a rebate of some sort for getting online bills.

This raises another question:
Why do I hate online bills? First, I have trouble following them and checking the charges unless I have a printed copy in my hand. And it is way more hassle.

Compare the two following senarios.

Each month I recieve my statement from Wells Fargo in a nice envelope in the snail mail. I open in, compare the info to my records, and file it. Takes about two minutes.

Every month Mother gets an email (unless it got sucked in by the spam filter) saying her Wells Fargo statement is ready. She has to logon to the website, enter her password, download the statement, print it off paying for the ink and paper herself, compare it to her records, and then she makes me shred it.

Which is easier???

Especially considering our t-mobile bill is like a book. It would use fifty sheets of paper to print it out.

Yeah, that sounds like a jolly waste of MY paper. They are the ones getting paid, they should use their own paper. Unless, of course, they offer a discount that makes it worth the customer's time to do it online.

Of course, I can't find this information online. I am not sure where Laura heard it. Perhaps in her bill????

Crabby at the stupidity of big corporations,

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  1. i love online bills. in fact, that reminds me that i keep wanting to send a letter to my old credit union to ask them to switch to online billing too! (they're my one hold out and since my account has no activity at all, i would really rather no bill at all. but i don't print them out .. either i check the amount quickly so i know what will be debited (bills) or i just look at the online form to balance my account (bank account statements). agree that if you print it out it would be a hassle .. :)