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Sunday, June 28, 2009

tv show review- "Sex Decoy: Love Stings"

Unless you watch the Fox Reality channel like I do, you may have missed this hilarious show.

"Sex Decoy:Love Stings" is on on Saturday nights, and is very amusing. I even want the fabulous tramp stamp shown in the opening!

The show focuses on a single mother with bleached and brittle blond hair. She also seems to wear a LOT of wigs, because her hair length and style changes often. This wonderful lady was apparently cheated on by her husband, so she started a company in Arizona called "Mate Check". Basically, if you think your mate, fiance, lover, friend, whatever, is cheating on you, you can call them and they will find out- by seeing if the suspected cheater takes the bait.

The mother is assisted by her three daughters, who despite their not-so-glamorous appearances, are successful strippers. The mom is trying to get them out of stripping by getting them to work as decoys in her business. (Not sure why that is perceived as "better" than stripping!) The man in charge of tech is the mom's live-in boyfriend.

The show starts with someone calling for help. They have a consultation, determine the target's schedule and "type" (to cheat with) and then set up a scenario to tempt the target. They put cameras up in the sting zone, park outside in a large motor home with the person who hired them and watch the action.

The show gives lots of people and lifestyles for the viewer to stare at and be stunned by, so I love it. HA!

Apparently, in Arizona, "things heat up as the sun goes down."



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