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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the creative process

I finally quit procrastinating and started on the bead project I have been planning as a gift. I was thinking it would be lime greens- all the pretty spring greens- so I gathered all the supplies I needed from the bead room and started pulling all my lime green beads. As I was looking at them together in the pan, I decided to add teals. I added all the teal beads I could find- from seed beads to crystals to anything in the right color.

Then I sat down with the full pan of beads and started on the project. I outlined it in a beautiful lime green, and started the interior with a great silver lined teal. As I was beading, I thought- oooh, that gold-lined yellow seed bead I have would look great with this! And I spent the next two beading hours trying to talk myself out of it. Why? Cuz I already know what will happen.

I will find the yellow beads, add them in, then think of something else that would be fabulous.... and then something else... and in the end I will have used about ten percent of the beads I originally pulled, have a project that is totally different than I pictured, and need three hours just to put away all the (used and not used) beads I end up with in the pan!!

But, the pull of the yellow beads could not be denied, and this morning I had to go dig thru the cupboard until I found them... and they look fabulous....

My creative process seems so messy- I never end up with what I start out thinking I am making. I can't knit a pattern without changing it either. Am I odd, or is that how it is when you are creative?



  1. I think that's how the process works, don't you? It's easy to think of things on paper or plan them in your mind but when you're actually seeing it in front of you, unveiling itself, you get a better sense of what the final result should be! Go with what you're thinking throughout- everything you do always looks fabulous in the end! :)

  2. It's your wonderful creativity coming through, Anne, go with it!