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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reading List

Every time I am in St. Cloud I insist on stopping at the lovely new library. I adore the new books section- I have yet to get books from any where else in the library, my bag is always full after visiting the new books!

Here are some great non-fiction books I have recently read.

"They Must Be Stopped"
Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It
By Brigitte Gabriel

This book is fascinating reading. Especially since the author grew up as a non-muslim in a muslim country- she points out things such as never ever having seen a foot bath in a public building in twenty years there, yet universities in MN are installing them... hmmmm.....
She tells the history of Muhammad, who lived what he preached- lying is good if it is for "allah's" purpose, kill everyone who won't convert, women are worth the same as animals- you can rape and beat at your will, slavery is normal, etc.
Here is one quote she gives from the Koran- the only real holy book to muslims-

"So fight until there is no more Fitnah (non-muslims) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world)." Koran 8:37

She also explains how compromise with muslims just shows you are weak- and they will continue to take advantage of you.

"American Priestess"
The Extraordinary Story of Anna Spafford and The American Colony in Jerusalem
by Jane Fletcher Genisse

This story, of a small cult in Chicago that moves to Jerusalem in 1881, is just plain interesting. It includes lots of details of life at the time, including the great Chicago fire and the history of Jerusalem. It also shares the story of Dwight Moody- of the Moody Bible Institute, and the revivals that went throughout America.

"A Supremely Bad Idea"
Three Mad Birders and Their Quest to See It All
by Luke Dempsey

I wasn't sure why I picked this book, as I am not interested in birding, but it is hilarious.
Slightly salty language at times, but I laughed and laughed as I read it.

How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists
by Dan Barker

Just fascinating to read how Dan Barker, a evangelical preacher who did missionary work in Mexico for years, lost his faith and became an atheist. Not only does he detail his journey and his thoughts, he tells how his family reacted- for example, his wife left him and married another minister yet his parents were convinced by his experiences and thoughts and also became atheists. Very interesting book.


Off to hopefully get some beading and knitting done today,

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  1. Sounds like you've gotten a lot of reading done lately. The bird book pick was an interesting pick- I probably wouldn't have picked it up either but then I love finding hilarious books! I'll have to check a few of those out. :)