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Monday, February 22, 2010


My puter was down for TEN days. I nearly broke my internet addiction. :)

Last night I was thinking about habits. My first CPAP mask hurt the bridge of my nose, so every night I put a bandaid over it. I got a new mask a few years ago, which does NOT go on the bridge, so I stopped using the bandaid. Yet, at least once a week, as I am laying in bed putting my mask on, I panic because I "forgot" the bandaid. Then I remember I don't need it anymore.

Clearly I find it hard to break certain habits. Can I use this trait to make good habits? I have decided to try. Every day at two o'clock I am going to panic if I have not gone on the bike yet. I plan to train myself to do this by getting super excited and worked up at two if I haven't gone yet, and if I have, get all worked up and then say, whew, already did it. Do you think this will work?

The reason I picked a time cue is because I often look at the clock and panic that I haven't taken some medication or another, so I think the time cue will work for exercise also. :)

Tomorrow I will pry have some new pics to post of the stuff I have done when the puter was down...

have a good week,

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  1. That's a good idea, training yourself in good habits. Let me know how it's working. :)