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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NASA and a crazy hat

My brother D was here Saturday night and we were watching the Olympics plus he was flipping thru all our channels. He stopped on the NASA channel, and we were laughing at the five guys sitting in front of computers in a huge room full of computers. Quite boring. Then they would show the screens of the shuttle, which was orbiting upside down. (D told me an interesting fact- when they are sleeping in zero G they have to have fans blowing at their faces, or else the exhaled carbon dioxide with form a cloud around the face and they will DIE. (D's wife Julie says he is an amazing font of info and knows many things, but I know he only knows things about which he is INTERESTED cuz otherwise he didn't bother to remember them.) Now I would be a bit paranoid about sleeping without a fan, except I already have a machine blowing fresh air into my nose!)
ANYWAYS one time he had flipped back and we were laughing at the people sitting around, then they showed the shuttle graphics again, and it suddenly went crooked and the words "lost telemetry" appeared above it. We were curious what that meant, and if the people were a bit more excited but the camera did NOT go back to the room, and we got bored and went back to the Olympics.
Monday D emailed me. It turns out NASA lost its main computer.... right when we were watching... and there WAS a big panic. LOL, what are the chances ANYONE was watching right at that time??? Pretty cool.


I made this cool hat for Huna. I was pretty sure Loy would like it.

When they came over, I made Loy shut her eyes and put it on Huna. Loy opened her eyes and just started ROARING with laughter. It is pretty sweet. Makes Huna's head look three times bigger!
I think this hat might cause an even bigger public stir than the previous ones I have made her.


Have a great week,


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