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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuna's Hoodie

I have to admit that the smallest people I know benefit most from my impulses to make things, mostly due to the cost of the yarn. Recently I was dying to make a hoodie, and of course, Tuna came to mind right away. At the time I was readying a bunch of old magazines for a garage sale, so I flipped thru them and found this pattern.

I have to complain that it was a CRAPPY edit job of the pattern tho!! There was one spot that had two right side rows in a row. How is that possible? And the buttonholes were specifically noted to be on wrong side rows, and the first was, but the second two were both on right side rows! Plus there was a few times when the stitch count made NO sense. The big dividing row, for instance- if you added up the divided sections stitch count, it was over 25 stitches LESS than the total from the row before! HUH???

Anyways, I did somehow lose a buttonhole, so it ended up with only two. :)

She seems pleased, anyways! I love the color, I picked it out just for her, and worried by the note by the yarn at Wally St. Cloud, I bought 3 skeins. I only used one plus a tiny bit of the second, so perhaps Greggie would look good in this color?? :)

I have been noticing some of the symptoms I had before when the Lupus was in my brain, so if my posts start not making any sense, please let me know. I know my emails were really... crazy right before I had chemo last time. Misspellings, wrong words, etc.

Have a good week!


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