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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

creative stamping kit of the month

Have you ever wanted to purchase something very badly, yet finally have to concede that it is such poor quality that you just can't justify it?

I joined the Creative Stamping Kit of the Month club a few months back, and I love the projects, love the colors, love looking forward to getting a kit every month, but I finally realize it is not worth the hassle of crappy, poor quality stamps!!

Here is the email I sent them today:



I want so badly to love your kits, but the stamp quality is definitely lacking. My first kit, the layered flower, had two defective stamps. You sent me a replacement that was fine. The second kit, the classic cars, was okay, tho the stamps are quite thin, seem easy to rip and are a bit hard to get straight on the block.

Today I received my third kit- the acetate flowers. I adore the projects, the colors, the glitter- yet once again the stamps are defective. I stamped the large flower with the stem, only to realize that about a half inch of the outer flower petal adjacent to the stem is missing. It looks almost cut off. Now, the look is actually artistic, but it doesn’t work when you need solid outside lines to do the glitter technique!!!

While I appreciate your willingness to send replacement stamps, I think
two out of three defective sets, with the third not the highest quality
itself, is just too much.

Please send me a replacement stamp set for the acetate flower set,
cancel my membership, and please notify me if you decide to go with
a better stamp quality, because I would love to be a member of your


Sigh. I really really wanted to be a member of this club.


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  1. You sounded very nice. I can tell you want to be a member of their club. :D