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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lego Update

First, here is a picture of Ethie's name frame. I had to borrow Dad's camera to get a picture, so it was delayed a few days:

Second, I did hear back from Lego today regarding the sticker. I got two emails, actually. The first was from "Steve". He said the sticker was designed for a woman with a husband or boyfriend who works in construction, to make scrapbook pages for him. I almost died laughing. Do you know any woman who would make a Lego page for her husband? Much less use that sticker??? HA! He did apologize and say that he was sending a lego.com ten dollar gift card. I will pass it on to Ethan I am sure.

However, a few emails later, there was another email saying that production was stopped for the sticker! This was great, the first email was a bit... condescending, but the second made up for it.

Power to the people!


Have a great week,


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