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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

knitting vs. crocheting

A few weeks ago I read a mystery series set around a crochet club. One of the members was very vocal and adamant that crochet was much better than knitting, and got into arguments with strangers she saw knitting. Then last week I reread The Yarn Harlot, which Jodi gave me for Christmas 2005 (see why I make you sign books you give me?). The Yarn Harlot has the opposite point of view, and once was highly insulted after showing a piece of knitting she was very proud of to her neighbor, only to hear the lady say to her husband as they walked away "my, that was some fancy crochet!" She also mentioned that crochet uses three times as much yarn, but is quicker.

This made me consider- which is better? Knit or Crochet?

I learned to knit a few years back, maybe five or so. I did hats, gloves, an afghan or two, and many pairs of socks. I tried to learn crochet a few times and had no luck until maybe six months back when I finally got it. Since then, I have made scarves, a million little animals, and just finished a great baby blanket.

When I was almost finished with the blanket, I needed a tooth shaped pillow for a gift. After searching online for crochet tooth, I couldn't find any. Then I realized I could also KNIT the project, I had just done so many little animals and such crochet seemed perfect for it. After a quick knitting search, I came up with a great pattern.
The pattern called for a simple pocket on the back but I worried about treasures or teeth falling out, so I put a button flap on it.
Isn't it cute?
Here is where I got the pattern:
Anyways, doing these two projects at the same time gave me a chance to really consider the differences between crochet and knitting. The biggest I saw was that you can't lose/drop stitches in crochet. If you miss one, it doesn't really matter, you can fudge it back in later. When I was knitting the tooth, I dropped a stitch and had to go down many rows to grab it again. Also, if you do need to rip something out, it is WAY easier in crochet. You don't have to worry about grabbing the stitches underneath the ones you are ripping! You don't really have to worry about stitches falling off the needle either in crochet. I kept dropping the left needle when I was doing the tooth (too long between knitting projects!) and having to frantically try to get the stitches back.

All that being said, tho, knitting gives a much smoother finished project. I would never crochet socks, unless they were slipper socks. Also, I adore ribbing- and you only can do that with knitting, so I pry won't be crocheting any hats too soon.

I guess it is best to do both. That way you have way more projects and patterns! I remember when I first started knitting I was frustrated with the larger number of crochet books available.... tho knitting seems to be catching up now. :)
Have a great week,

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