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Monday, August 2, 2010

more critters

I recently checked out "Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet" by Ana Paula Rimoli from the library. I love getting knit, crochet and craft books from the lib, it lets me see them and decide if I should buy them. I loved this book so much I already ordered it and the second one too! HA! (I was ordering a birthday gift from Amazon and needed to get to the free shipping mark...)

So, here are the projects I have made so far. First, a bunny for Ethan. He picked the neon green, I picked the aqua hat. The pattern actually did NOT include a tail, but of course a bunny needs a fluffy tail, so I added a pompom.

I was dying to make these chicks- complete with shells, so I did a few for Greggie. I love how the shell opens and there is a chick inside!
close-up of the chick.
Now, Greggie seemed to LOVE the chicks. He opened the eggs, got them out, ran around cheeping and singing "Old McDonald". It was several minutes later before we realized he had thrown the egg shells in the garbage... lol.
This is a turtle for Emily.

The Tooth Fairy posted on Splitcoast Stampers (my fave forum) and asked if any stampers could help her out by sending a card to a little girl who just lost her first tooth. This is the card I sent, it is super glittery and sparkly!

Have a great week! I am super tired so we shall see what incentive I have to get out of bed....

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