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Friday, October 21, 2011

Crayon Art

I made two AWESOME tutus this week, but my sister has my camera (AGAIN!) so I can't post pics.  I am also almost done with the wolf tail...  :)

This is Crayon Art.  I say examples all over the net, and had to try it.  I had the 10x10 canvas already, so all I had to purchase was two boxes of 24 count crayons.  (They were on super back-to-school sale!)  I glued them (glue dots and with my ATG gun) all along one side of the canvas.  Then I cut out the word "create" from cardstock with repo adhesive on the back and positioned it on the canvas.

After a long wait, my niece came over to help me melt the crayons.  (I knew she would want to be in on it!)  Out came the heat gun (couldn't use a blow dryer- mom would kill me if I hurt her blow dryer!) and off we went.

The wax did get behind the letters some, but I still think it looks cool.  As I have nowhere to hang it, my niece is putting it over her art desk.

We also used the puddles (MUST do this in a well protected (IE lots of newspaper down) area!) also, melting them again on cardstock.  I will show some cards made with them later.

Hope you like it!


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