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Monday, July 13, 2009

card of the week

I decided if I made a "card of the week" then it would give me an excuse to blog weekly, and to get into the beadroom weekly. :)

Today's card is ideal for many people. I have found several of my friends have problems saying no or cutting off bad relationships. I think there are toxic people in the world who you should avoid, and also that you can't go thru life worrying about who likes you and who doesn't. (Who cares!!) And, if your parents are abusive to you as a child, you owe them nothing as an adult. (I could lecture longer, but won't.)

So, when the time comes to tell someone like that how you really feel, this card is right for you.



Have a great week!


  1. Umm... it's not showing my post from earlier? Weird. I like the card!

  2. LOLOL

    it looks so cute and innocent on the outside

    *wanders off still laughing*