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Monday, December 14, 2009

Book of the Month and also DVD

The book of the month is:

mennonite in a little black dress
by Rhoda Janzen

I just liked this book. I enjoy books about peoples' lives, especially their upbringing, and especially when they were raised in a cultish church. Rhoda has left home, left the church, married a bipolar man who eventually leaves her for Bob, whom he met on gay.com. Nope, these are not spoilers, the info is given right up front. So she goes home for a while- back to her parents. I enjoyed reading about their relationship, the memories of her childhood, and about how her siblings all grew up to be such different people from each other.

DVD of the month:

Letting Go of God
by Julia Sweeney

I actually saw this on (free for 3 months) Showtime, but when I looked up her name on the lib website, it is available on DVD. Julia was raised Catholic (see, fitting all my likes as written above!) and she talks a lot about her childhood and her drawing away from the church. She had a lot of the same questions I have had, so I really enjoyed watching. Plus she is funny.

One story that I liked was after she was taking a Bible study at her church, which raised a lot of questions. (Like me, she was raised in a church were actually reading the Bible wasn't encouraged.) She asked her mom what she did about the things in the Bible that didn't make sense and her mom said "oh, I just don't think about those things." I laughed and laughed, mostly because it rang so true to so many people I have known....

Have a great week,

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