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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dr. Phil

I was thinking maybe I should use this blog to vent about things. Barely anyone reads it anyways, so why not amuse myself? HA!

I watch Dr. Phil about every day, even tho I usually end up crabby about something. Here are my top three complaints about his show.

1. There are MORE commercials, or at least they play more often. Plus he says "After the break, we will have..." and whatever it is is NOT after the break but usually a half hour later. So if you don't switch channels cuz you want to see it, you end up wasting a bunch of time.

2. He never actually tells anyone anything. He says he is going to "put verbs in his sentences" (after the break!) but never actually does.

3. (This is today's complaint.) He NEVER asks the questions I want the answer to. Usually I am hollering "where is the baby's father???" or something, and he never ever addresses that point. Today he was doing frivolous lawsuits, a topic I usually enjoy. He wanted to know how well breathalyzers work, so he had someone (actually, a lawyer) swill alcohol based mouthwash and then do the test. It was like five times the limit. Then a lady sprayed breathe spray, and was way over the limit. BUT he never went back and tested them 5 or 10 minutes later. If you are swilling mouthwash as you drive, you deserve to be pulled over. And the only reason I know of for you to be spraying breathe spray as you get pulled over is... you have been drinking and want to cover it up. What if you do the mouthwash at home, get pulled over ten minutes later?? Do you come up drunk?
HUH???? This is the info that would actually help. :)

Those are my Dr. Phil complaints. :)

Have a great week,

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  1. I am actually laughing so hard that I have tears!! Actual tears!!! I completely agree on your three points. I think you and I have discussed at length his idiocy when he says, "When we get back I will tell you what to do..." AND then tells NOBODY NOTHING!!! The mouthwash is true. If they are swirling when they are driving they deserve to be pulled over.
    Love the new format. Real official.