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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Song EVER!

Yesterday I was hanging out with some of my niblings- Olli, who is 4, his sister Tuna who is 19 months, and Ethan, who is six.  I was singing silly songs to Tuna, putting in their names- like  "Tuna, the red nosed reindeer" and "Jingle Bells, Ethan smells, Tuna pooped her pants..."  When I ran out of song ideas, I asked the boys for some.  Ethan suggested the ABC song, so we sang that loudly, then I asked O for a suggestion.  He, as usual, claimed he didn't know any songs.  I pressed harder, asking if he knew any from daycare.  He thought for a minute, said "Oh, I know one we sing!" and started to sing:

Take a guess!
Take a guess!

At this point he looked up, and noticing the blank look on my face, explained "then we do this" and made some hand gestures and clapped,  "then she picks one of us and we guess!"

I managed to thank him for sharing the song, before running to the kitchen and collapsing in a laughing fit.

I have to admit it stayed in my head all day tho....



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